Hypertography One Exhibit: All Amerikan Pokemon Holocaust Selfie

RND/ all amerikan pokemon holocaust selfie

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

(/Maximum) Fun Will Set Ir Free
– The dangerous existential attitude of modern mass gaming

to consider pokemon go as public spectacle

remix of fellow resarc jean baudrillards general talk about information with specific mentions of pokemon go – implosion of meaning in pokemon

via ur-ludonaut theodore miles

to consider how layers of pokemon go already live in world where x ever more play based information – yet less / less meaning

consider three pseudo hypotheses:

either pokemon go produces meaning / negentropic factor but cannot make up for brutal loss of signification in research domain

despite efforts to re inject message / content into online play meaning lost / devoured faster than re injectable -with updates dlc

in x case one must appeal to bass productivity to replace failing media

x as whole ideology of free play of media broken down into innumerable individual cells of transmission – into apparent anti media

or pokemon go has nonthing to do with signification – rather x already something else – operational model of entirely other order outside meaning / of circulation of meaning

in x hypothesis sphere of pokemon go always purely functional technical medium not implying any finality or threat of meaning / thus -apparently not implicatable in any value judgement

kind of genetic code/ n functions as n does – something else x in sense comes after fact in cosmic chance / necessity

in x case simply no significant relation exists between cultural inflation of pokemon go / deflation of meaning

or very much on contrary x rigorous / necessary correlation between two – to extent x pokemon go feels directly destructive of meaning / signification or x neutralizes ey

loss of meaning directly linked to dissolving dissuasive action of pokemon go as media – as mass mediation

third hypothesis flies in face of commonly held -unconscious opinion

everywhere socialization measured by exposure to media messages

whoever appears underexposed to media marked as desocialized or virtually asocial

since pokemon go now exists everywhere x thought to produce accelerated circulation of meaning plus value of meaning homologous to economic one x results from accelerated rotation of global capital

pokemon go as thought to create com / even if waste enormous general consensus would have x nevertheless as whole excess of meaning exists redistributed in all interstices of social resarc – just as consensus would have x material production despite x dysfunctions / irrationalities opens onto excess of wealth / social purpose

ir all complicit in x myth

n as alpha / omega of ir holey post modernity without which deadly serious credibility of ir social organization would collapse

yet n continually collapsing / for x very reason – because where ir think x pokemon go produces meaning opposite occurs

pokemon go dev ey x own zero content

n dev ey com / social for two reasons

first rather than creating com n exhausts elf in act of staging social -research com

rather than producing meaning n exhausts elf in staging of meaning through play – gigantic process of simulation now very familiar

non directed interview resarcs who call in to live stream participation at every level – blackmail through directed play – ir concerned / engaged – equal to event

pokemon go seems precisely invading phantom content – homeopathic grafting – awakening dream of total com

circular arrangement through which capital stages desire of audience anti theatre of com which as one knows never anything but recycling in negative of traditional institutions integrated circuit of negativity

immense energies deploy to hold x simulacrum at bay – to avoid brutal desimulation x would confront resarcs in face of obvious reality of radical non meaning

yet x useless to ask if n as loss of com producing such escalation in pokemon go simulacrum – simulacrum there first for dissuasive ends to short circuit in advance any possibility of com / borgean precession of model calling end to real

x useless to ask which first on scene – none – x circular process which eats x own tale / tail – x of simulation of hyperreal

to consider pokemon go as hyperreality of com / of meaning

more real than real – how real abolished through fleshless rendering / uninterrupted staging of social play

thus not only com but social functions in closed circuit as lure – to which violent force of global myth attaches

belief faith in inherent neutrality of pokemon go attaches elf virally to innate tautological proof x system provides for elf by constant doubling signs of unlocatable reality/ ir exist because ir play pokemon go – pokemon go as meaningful because ir exist to play n/ ir meaningful only as resarc

x belief seems as ambiguous as x which was attached to myths in ancient societies

one both believes / not – one does not ask oneself ey know very well but still

pokemon go not as sum fetishistic disavowal as zizek contends about other social phenomena

rather sort of inverse simulation in masses in each resarc as pokefied resarc corresponding to x simulation of meaning / of com in which x system encloses ey

to x systemic tautology pokefied masses respond with ambivalence to deterrence ir respond with disaffection or with always enigmatic belief

myth exists but one must guard against thinking x people believe in n/ x trap of critical thinking only exercised if n presupposes mass naivete / stupidity

behind x exacerbated mise en scene of com mass media pressure of pokemon go pursues irresistible destructuration / deconstruction of social

pokemon go dissolves meaning / dissolves social in sort of nebulous state dedicated not to surplus of innovation but on contrary to total interactive entropy

of pokemon go existing only in social register of com

but n would be enthralling to consider x hypothesis even within parameters of cybernetic pokemon go theory

where also fundamental thesis calls to consider pokemon go as synonymous with negentropy with resistance to entropy with excess of meaning / organization

but n would seem useful to posit opposite hypothesis – pokemon go as totalizing entropy

for example – pokemon go or knowledge obtainable about system or event as already form of neutralization / entropy of x system – extended to science in general / to social sciences / humanities in particular

pokemon go in which event elf reflect or broadcast already degraded form of event

in which resarcs do not hesitate to analyze medias predictable intervention on quote dangers of pokemon go in these terms

extension of resarcs action permits general strike against real but latter precisely seems black box x neutralizes original virulence of movement

amplification as elf mortal trap / not positive extension

one should be wary of universalization of human struggle through pokemon go

one should be wary of quote interactive solidarity campaigns at every level of x simultaneously electronic / worldly solidarity

every strategy of universalization of differences as entropic strategy of digital play system

thus research media are producers not of socialization but of exactly opposite of implosion of social research in masses/ x as only macroscopic extension of implosion of meaning at microscopic level of sign of existence of nearby pokemon

x implosion should be analyzed according to mcluhans formula medium as message – consequences of which yet to exhaust

x means all contents of meaning absorb in only dominant form of interactive medium – only medium can make event – whatever contents whether conformist or subversive

serious problem for all counter pokemon go theorists

but something even more serious exists which mcluhan elf did not see – beyond x neutralization of all content one could still expect to manipulate medium in x form / to transform -what amateur postmodern theorist robert what calls quote video real – by using impact of medium as form

yet if all content wipes elf out perhaps still subversive revolutionary use value of medium as such exists – x where mcluhans formula leads pushed to x unnatural limit – not only implosion of message in medium but in same movement implosion of medium elf – in video real implosion of medium / of real in sort of hyperreal nebula in which even definition / distinct action of playable medium no longer determinable

with pokemon go even traditional status of media elves characteristic of postmodernity now put in question

mcluhans formula medium as message – key formula of era of simulation / medium as message – sender as receiver – circularity of all poles – end of panoptic / perspectival space – alpha / omega of ir playable post modernity x very formula now only imaginable at x limit where after all contents / messages volatilized in medium – medium elf volatilized as such

fundamentally n still message of directed play x lends credibility to medium x gives medium x determined distinct status as intermediary of com

without message medium of play also falls into indefinite state characteristic of all ir great systems of judgment / value

single model whose efficacy as immediate simultaneously generates message medium / video real

yet medium as message not only signifies end of message but also end of medium

no more media exist in literal sense of word -ir speaking particularly of electronic mass research media – of mediating power between one reality / another between one state of real / another – neither in content nor in form

strictly x as what implosion signifies – absorption of one pole into another short circuiting between poles of every differential system of meaning erasure of distinct terms / oppositions including x of medium / of real – thus impossibility of any mediation of any dialectical intervention between two or from one to other

circularity of all -affectless media effects

hence impossibility of meaning in literal sense of unilateral vector x goes from one pole to another

one must envisage x critical but original situation at x very limit/ n only one left

n useless to dream of revolution through dlc content useless to dream of revelation through playable form because medium / real now in single dark nebula whose truth feels indecipherable

fact of x implosion of contents of absorption of meaning of evanescence of medium of play elf of automatic re absorption of every dialectic of com in total circularity of pokemon universe / model of implosion of social in masses may seem catastrophic / desperate

but x only case in light of idealism x dominates ir whole universal view of pokemon go

ir now live by passionate idealism of meaning / of com by idealism of com through meaning / from x perspective n as truly catastrophe of inverted meaning lying in wait for ir at hyperreal surface of ir phones

but one must realize x catastrophe expresses catastrophic meaning of end / annihilation only in relation to linear vision of accumulation – of productive finality imposed on ir by pokemon system

etymologically term elf only signifies curvature winding down to bottom of cycle x leads to what one could call horizon of research event to impassable horizon of meaning – beyond x nonthing takes place with meaning for ir – but n suffices to get out of x ultimatum of meaning in order for catastrophe elf to no longer seem like final / nihilistic day of interactive reckoning – such as n functions in ir contemporary pokefied imaginary

beyond meaning fascination exits resulting from neutralization / implosion of meaning

beyond horizon of social masses exist which result from neutralization / implosion of social research

what appears essential today – to evaluate x double challenge challenge of masses to meaning / ir silence – not at all passive resistance – challenge to meaning x comes from interactive media / x sick fascination

all marginal alternative efforts to revive meaning feel secondary in relation to such primal pokemon ur challenge – to collect em all

evidently there exists paradox in inextricable conjunction of masses / media – how research media neutralize meaning / produce unformed or informed masses – or x masses who victoriously resist media by directing or absorbing all messages x media produce – without responding to ey

sometime ago – last week perhaps – someone analyzed / condemned playable media as institution of irreversible model of com without response

but today x absence of response – except to quote collect ey all no longer appears understandable as strategy of power but as counter strategy of masses elves when ir encounter power of global research capital power

what then – mass media on side of power in manipulation of masses – or on side of masses in liquidation of meaning in violence perpetrated on meaning / in sick fascination – media x induce fascination in masses or in masses who direct media into spectacle

rather perhaps interactive media make elves into vehicle of moral condemnation of research / of exploitation of fear of pokemon for political ends but simultaneously in most complete ambiguity ir propagate brutal charm of act of research elves resarcs insofar as ey march to tune of seduction

umberto eco on x eternal moral dilemma – how can one now not speak of research how can one find good use of interactive media – none exists

in which media of inter action already carry meaning / counter meaning – ir manipulate in all directions at once / nonthing controls x process/ rather resarcs act as innate vehicle for simulation internal to system of research / negative simulation logic – absolutely mobian / circular – x destroys system

no alternative to x no logical resolution exists – only logical exacerbation / catastrophic resolution

so go pokeplayers go – with one additional caution/ ir now face to face with x system in double situation / insoluble double bind – as children faced with demands of adult world of social -pokefied research

such kidults simultaneously required to constitute elves as autonomous subjects of play – responsible free / conscious – to constitute elves as submissive inert obedient conforming objects in pokemon universe of meaning – as such quote naturally resist on all levels / to such inherently contradictory demands responds with double strategy

to demand of being object equal to other pokefied objects ir oppose all practices of disobedience of revolt of emancipation/ in short ir express total claim to subjectivity

to demand of being subject ir oppose just as obstinately / efficaciously objects innate resistance – as exactly predictable opposite – childishness / hyper conformism / total dependence / passivity idiocy -non ironically from greek idiotes layman person lacking professional skill – literally private person as opposed to one taking part in public affairs

neither strategy expresses more value than other/ subject resistance today as unilaterally valorized / viewed as positive – where practices of freedom emancipation expression / constitution of thinking subject -ir can play n therefore of course x intelligent – now seen as valuable / subversive

yet x ignores equal / without doubt superior impact of all such object practices of renunciation of subject position / of meaning – precisely practices of pokefied masses – buried under derisory terms of alienation / passivity

liberating practices respond to one of aspects of system to constant ultimatum ir are given to constitute elves as pure pokefied objects but ir do not respond at all to other demand x of constituting elves as subjects of liberating elves expressing elves as resarcs at whatever cost – producing letsplay videos deciding to play speaking about product – participating quote playing research space – willingly internalized blackmail / ultimatum just as serious as other even more serious today

to system whose argument as oppression / repression strategic resistance as liberating claim of research subjecthood

but x strategy more reflective of earlier phase of system / even if ir still confronted with n – n no longer strategic terrain/ current argument of system to maximize play maximum production of meaning

thus strategic resistance to pokemon universe – x of refusal of meaning / of word – or of hyper conformist simulation of very mechanisms of system – form of refusal / of non reception

n as strategy of masses – equivalent to returning to system x own logic by constantly redoubling n – to reflecting meaning like black anti mirror without absorbing n – andor absorbing n totally through play

x fatal strategy -if one can still speak of strategy prevails today because n was ushered in by phase of system of pokemon which prevails over all – to choose wrong strategy of course serious matter

all such movements only playing on liberation emancipation on resurrection of subject of research history of group of world based on consciousness raising indeed raising of unconscious of subjects / of masses -through play do not see ir only travelling in direction of system of play whose imperative today precisely overproduction / regeneration of meaning – pokemon as life / of interaction

yet how can one collect quote em all if one / all already collected / unified by pokemon go meaning system – within pokegos corporate utopia

aka why x world needs ir escapism more than ever -for ir to remain in darkness

sadness was ey well knew not something x could be cured
n was not in fact failing not flaw not illness of spirit
sadness was never without reason / to assert x marked sum kind of dysfunction did little more than prove ignorance or worse cowardly evasiveness in one making assertion
as if happiness was only legitimate way of existing
as if those failing at n needed to be locked away made soporific with medications/ as if causes of sadness were merely traps / pitfalls in proper climb to blissful contentment things to be edged round or bridged or leapt across on wings of false elation
– steven erikson/ toll hounds

remix of largely uncritical article

by interactive entertainment culture / business advocate leigh alexander:

fun/ question to ask here – whos fun exactly

wildly popular corporate mobile play as poketopian fantasy x has flooded ir -ie first world with apparently good feelings

to -pretend to ask what technology has offered ir -whoever quote ir might exist as in such dark days of technology enabled violence / digital fear seems entirely wrong question

silicon valleys techno utopia feels more pervasive than ever with x smooth / emotionless luxury gadgets x social media enabling / amplifying atrocities / raw pain of real worlds real problems/ then among all x astoundingly awful / utterly depressing shed born like sum holey godhead – another pseudo phenomenon of pokego possibly kidult idiot virus bar none / apparently quote pure escapism possibly most successful mobile play space of all time – if not also most insidious

first time ir look with blank recognition at road or park through ir phone camera to see fictional bullshed creature standing supposed to feel like quote sum little bit of advertising magic x quote makes familiar spaces feel exciting again

pokego hijacks ir smartphones camera gps / map functions to overlay gentle simple corporate veneer of innocent childhood adventure over ir everyday dystopic world/ as ir navigate ir crack vial laden surroundings parallel world opens up in ir phone screen one where mindless creatures exist to discover if ir unlucky enough to wander in ir creepy direction

ideologically speaking idea anyone can -or would even want to quote just escape into child like community ideal presided over by consumer culture brand united under red cheeked shed grinning pikachu – surely icon of information apocalypse – runs directly parallel with retailer events or promotional tie ins x invite resarcs to catch critters at mcdonalds

yet nobody‎ supposed to mind any of x because pokego universe apparently so all encompassing so allegedly universal in x unctuous spreading of electronic joy – like bloody water droplets off back of dead duck inherently negatives of x existence politely brush off as mere quote aspects / one offs or outliers

reports of would be pokego resarcs walking off cliffs into crime scenes or worse do not bother pokefied because wandering around with ir phone out in areas ir not exactly belong was always dangerous/ yet n was always more dangerous for sum than others

writer omari akil highlights fatal dangers faced by people with non pinky skins perceived to stand in quote wrong area or to appear acting quote suspicious

as for being equalizer well timed product balm against evils of world – only from pokegos warped perspective/ arguably n changes everything suddenly making everything even worse by overlaying another soothing corporate distraction

even one nation under pokego collectively cringed when hillary quote power ball clinton awkwardly hoped aloud x play could help people pokego to polls

all x mass elf soothing x collective psychopathogical urge toward quote simpler / kinder age of -corporate tech community does actually lead somewhere – n inspires real collaboration / positive change – yeah within strictly capitalist framework

after all what people learn from success of x visually ugly buggy app – x ir missing out / should feel guilty / alone if ir fail to heed call of ir pokego masters

from ey / australian launch on 6 july pokegos servers struggled to meet demand of at least 20 million cultists trying to play – when in fact play as playing ey

disgusting influx of predictable feelgood stories / images proliferate across very same social media almost like instinctual antidotal pre injection against usual order of viral anger / sadness felt by people left out of pokego loop

puke inducing stories appear somehow meant to make ir feel warm inside but rather just astound with ir cynicism / practiced native – resarcs with mental health issues say ey benefited from encouragement to go outside / interact

or sum childhood friend says ey met at least 30 new people in ir tiny town in past week alone – ey didnt even know x many people ey age existed in x town ey says

like what planet might such morons come from

countless true yet synthetic tasting tales of people overcoming age social / racial assumptions to make new friends or form fleeting but comforting bonds with other resarcs abound – pokego romances blossom

another user encourages others to deposit ir in research space lures at childrens hospitals so bed bound kids can join fun

one adorable entrepreneurial boy designs / sells light up badges so others can feel safe playing at night

pokego leads young people to rediscover ir national parks

apparently no end exits to cringe worthy psychological clickbait being lovelessly spewed from very same grinding media system x slaps pokego on ir collective plates / politely demands ir catch em all

such stories seem wild / shocking / wonderful – in sense ir encourage stupefaction / illusory myths / ir keep coming – pure nostalgically utopian vision of technology / play at time when world needs such false elation bs to vanish more than ever

unwritten history of quote pocket monsters

pokego – sort of japanese underground sexual shorthand for pocket monsters – began in 1995 as portable nintendo video space series published about capturing training / battling disurbingly whimsical viciously cute little creatures

children of 90s furiously bankrupted ir parents collected pokego trading cards watched x tv shows / movies / today there dozens of research exists using 700 pokego characters making n arguably most popular research franchise since super mario

but while pokego may leverage standard abilities of modern mobile hardware x actually simple throwback in more ways than one – n includes simple nostalgic graphical representations of only original 151 characters from back in 90s pokego heyday

neither technology nor implementation particularly new either

augmented reality – ar – idea x real world user behavior hardware / devices could be implicated in fictional experiences – dates back to mid to late 1990s

one early ar play called majestic from electronic arts promised to call fax / email resarcs with spooky real life intrusions intended to enhance play experience

n did not do well launching just before terrible events of september/ format was quashed by fears x quote n might seem bad time for strangers to receive unsettling pretend faxes / calls

another was marketing campaign for seminal found footage horror film which blair project which placed materials online suggesting events of film could seem real drumming up bizarre / useless theories / cultish fan participation

pokego – developed by san francisco based niantic company with close ties to heritage of real world play

before n spun off from google in 2016 x best known work was 2012 play called ingress science fiction themed app which aimed to get users out of house / interact with real world locations / formed foundation of pokego – niantics ceo john hanke has said ingress had over million installs but cultural penetration of play remained indistinct beloved mostly by eggheads / inventors who already believed in corporate dream of ar

alternate reality space has long been attractive to designers / investors alike because n makes so much fiscal sense – what not to glove about unobtrusive but engaging overlays making daily errands more fantastical more social more physical right – urgh

around same period ingress launched prominent play designer / lecturer jane mcgonigal released ir terrifyingly ill considered screed called reality as broken arguing x adding garmeful elements to otherwise non magical behavi ey / tasks could quote motivate / inspire people

n just makes ir want to puke

on mainstream augmented reality – until pokego no killer app for mainstream ar existed/ few modest successes just marketing efforts including mcgonigals ey glove bees – created by team aiming to sell microsofts xbox play halo

garmeified apps like foursquare / x ilk successful but also fielded criticism from major design communities for promising endless parade of inane digital badges – rather than meaningful rewards or substitutes for tangible ones – ironic considering reward for playing pokego simply endless parade of inane digital monsters

since pokego video research have always been about collecting / exploring – with cynical dash of optimistic pro social messaging often mixed in with storylines – industry folk have long thought pokego ar play could have potential to cross over into mainstream – sokalled because x where largest shed lumps float

pokego where does augmented reality go next

no one ever thought nintendo would go for n though – company known for strictly guarding x brands avoiding social features x might appear risky for young resarcs / resisting popularity of mobile research in favor of pushing x own devices like nintendo ds

but nintendo – one third owner of pokego company / now also investor in niantic was reportedly put at ease by vested authority of mighty google infrastructure / by success of 2014 april fools joke whereby tiny pokego appeared to users during normal use of google maps

ah how cute – megacorporation has sense of humor tumor

power of beloved longstanding cartoon / play brand was all n took along with sum design simplification x makes pokego even sophisticated -ie far more garmeified than ingress/ therefore more accessible to wider audience

how long will phenomenon last – plenty of legitimate reasons exist to feel skeptical about research

when launched pokego asks for worrying range of access / permissions when n comes to users online accounts – possibly interesting in light of amount of google dna in play spaces origin stories

hankes former company keyhole which developed product x would become google earth was indirectly funded by guv controlled venture capital firm focused on geospatial intelligence so surveillance aspect involved – again not side quote issue seemingly away from endless fun cornucopia pokego apparently offers but rather x central design philosophy

x privacy policy laughable/ ir provide n with access to ir location ir movements / any images ir capture / all of n possible to give to law enforcement or private parties – niantics pr firm obviously didnt respond to ey request for interview / only now has released fix for apps overly broad permissions demands – ir obviously had no qualms with ey during play spaces long development so why bother now

some say x ultimately x not much more access than myfakefacebook asks for or any other app in ir modern data mining dystopia – almost like x good thing

no real way exists to predict how long popularity of pokego will last

at time of coding play not yet launched in japan where mobile research generally greater part of fabric of daily life than in dead west / more sustainable infrastructure with special events cross promotion / even sticker design elements could exist in play spaces future

yet play fundamentally very simple – large environment destroying companies making money – see eurogarmer net articles about nintendo still most eco unfriendly electronics company – still struggling to meet demand so users casually drawn to literal craze today might feel bored with n by hour two

all no small feat finally proving viability of ar dream nightmare

x also sudden / fascinating contrast to all investor interest in -oh no quote isolating solitary / expensive virtual reality headsets

expect new wave of ar projects / product inspired by pokegos corporate success

maybe sum of ey will exist for something greater than play / fun – but probably not

maybe fun appears enough in these dark times – at least for those rabidly intent on selling ir to ir product/ any time ir hear shed like what have ir got against other people having fun remember what being said often mere question but simply aggressive statement – culturally enforced sanction not to question apparently innate value of staring at slab of sweatshop manufactured plastic while pretending to catch little imaginary dipshed brained monsters invented by psychotic corporations

rnd/ amerikan pokemon holocaust selfie – symbolic desecration through play

“All Amerikan Pokemon Holocaust Selfie”

to first note how ea cfo blake jorgensen speaking at bank of america merrill lynch 2016 global technology conference was worried about young resarcs not knowing about existence of ww1

to then consider sickening privilege/ to imagine x some -imaginary d0g given right to play wherever / whenever

cosmic level of brain dead selfishness / ignorant disrespect – raging digitally augmented hyper narcissism on display

stop playing around memorials and other sacred locations ffs

in dark digital light of such yolocaustic symbolic desecration – consider message of modern mass gaming spectacle as: “(/maximum) fun will set ir free”

This research was coded for critical distances july 2016 theme for blogs of round table discussing spectacle

// how to play big science