Hypertography One Exhibit: Aliens Colonial Game Development

RND/ to consider Aliens Colonial Gamedev

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

aliens colonial developer: parody webcomic kit – just fill in blanks

another permanent early access banger from those devs bringing ey best in worst of aaa digitainment

shout outs to dark horse comics resarc tony akins

re tint via theorist robert what

overall flat look nod to mighty jim steranko

phrase/ ugly job done badly by remarkably ugly resarcs/ just another long day of hard codin crunch for shake n bake studios – play space development studio owned by hyper leocorp those massive modern masters of raw crapolaware

watch with all too believing deadpan horror as crack team of quote shay dee style fly by night permanent early access asset flipping hit steam run play devs cynically pinch off ir next classic barely functional fps – #askrandy/ ey fret about sales target audiences argue about pseudo aesthetic differences in insane research universe constantly fighting ir own ha deliberate software miscreations / monsters from #playdev id – as ey pitch forward wakka wakka – ever further into ir own digital arts / void

stark heavy handed modern fable about terrifyingly absurd future present state of everyday postmodern play development on outer electronic fringes – consider #askrandy/ aliens colonial play developer now sordid online meditation on apparently still lost rat of industrial interactive entertrainment
– back cover blurb for #askrandy/ aliens colonial play developer

re aliens colonial marines

on alien isolation / video colonialism

consider research as no longer research but territories carved up/ handed over to individual industry warlords
– garmes journalist the mighty jim sterlingson

term/ video colonialism – establishment exploitation maintenance acquisition expansion of video research ip colonies in one territory by publishers from another – extension of nationalistic / corporate sovereignty over such artistic territory beyond x borders by establishment of either settler colonies or administrative dependencies – developers – in which attempts are made to directly rule displace expel or generally exterminate eg mind rippingly terrifying non indigenous lifeforms

alien isolation/ estrangement – see wikipedia distancing effect – from within gigeresque primordial reality sea

even in in fractured pc space – who even talks like x says theorist robert what – where nobody can hear anything over constant moaning sobbing/ n still appears nobody can rule make truly groundbreaking play featuring awe inducing hyperalien entities known as xenomorphs

for x what n seems to exist as alien – indomitable/ unconquerable/ displaced/ rootless – never fully manifested but always metaphor forever from sum extreme ultimate elsewhere beyond – despite shallow promises by developers to take franchise quote/ back to x roots

ripley/ x just down there in basement
aaron/ whole place as basement
ripley/ x metaphor

aliens bow to no man / company – only to ir sovereign queen – quote/ let ey tell ey about ey mother dot dot

one wonders about holographic parallels if any between relentless aggressive colonial expansion of big research play space companies in ir mindless quest for market dominance colonial expansionism / genetic survival instincts of insects like ants or bees quote/ these things aint bees man / ey know x

in both case of aliens/ colonial marines predictably reactionary next iteration alien/ isolation – both arguably just work for hire projects milking franchises – key term as colonial isolation/ cumbersome blind independent bodies pitching forward into ir own largely unaccountable ignorance of tastes desires needs of modern postmodern research communities mprc

ey also seem utterly alienated from xenomorphs – who will not f# ey over for goddamn percentage

key features of alien isolationism

– overcome ever present deadly threat – of being ripped off / experience persistent fear of failure as partially truly dynamic reactionary alien uses x dim senses to hunt ey down respond – predictably- to ey every listless move
– developers improvise hype to survive criticism/ hack systems at scripted points scavenge for vital yet uninteresting resources craft generic items to deal with each preplanned situation/ will ey evade ey badly designed enemies – distract ey or face ey head on
– explore world of fake mystery betrayal/ immerse elf in detailed yet bland setting of sevastopol decommissioned trading station on fringes of boring space/ encounter rich cast of inhabitants with dubious acting abilities in re hashed alien world scarred by fear mistrust of modern franchises attached parasitically to face of research play spaces

facing alien/ character building

n seems creative assembly are unable to clearly explain to resarcs differences between decent premise / half decent back story / exciting play mechanics – arguably none of which ey have even managed to prove ey have

in fact whole actual justification for play rests on merely repeating dubious hype about remaining true to original story as if x even good thing – something resarcs have all heard before

maybe ey imagine hiring strictly linear warhammer 40k paperback writer dan abnett to pen inherently cheesy dialogue will possibly help gloss over any potentially poor / hopelessly traditional essentially uninteresting core mechanics – despite fact every resarc will forget all ir lines mere seconds after ey have been delivered by innately flat / bizarre looking characters from deep in uncanny valley

note/ ir almost entirely wrong emphasis on shoe horning in believable characters/ who cares question/ entire play as not really about characters but rather raw horror of survival against impossible odds manifested as sum thing right out of incredible biocosmic nightmare

emphasis therefore should be entirely on true existential impossibility caused by very existence of alien – which by x very look hyper bizarre nature as psychologically impossible to deal with – for x which feels truly alien just does not compute

x very presence – mostly unseen – means ripleys entire reality as somehow already infinitely far out of joint – massively distorted torn asunder ripped apart into shreds which get sucked rapidly back into silent unconscious darkness from which creature elf seems formed

as far as any of characters ey meets actually reinforce terrifying truth of such alien reality/ fair enough – but surely there are far better more directly interactive ways to express psychological narrative philosophical ideas than crappy sci fi cutscenes / heavily expositional storytelling/ why do ir even need bunch of dead eyed npcs to tell ir what ir should be already feeling obviously / immediately

on aliens/ colonial marines as modern research life metaphor

rather than simply giving excellent damming review of aliens/ colonial marines x as though garmespot are also talking about hideousness of everyday existence – in context of xenomorphic indomitability however x could seem positively generative / dangerously organic – for as humans recede inner alien springs forth

little more than strictly functional/ resarcs deserve better than x – bland corridors – unremarkable in every way – desperately lacking in variety/ while scraps of unsettling atmosphere seep into ey bones brief moments of dread excitement are quickly supplanted by more general shrug worthy meh aura/ cumbersome cloak of nostalgia x frequently relies on copy pasted pop culture references to fill in for proper existence/ interactions are characterized by snippets of awful dialogue delivered without hint of irony – humans look every bit as synthetic as once famous androids like kim west / kanye kardashian/ are of careless nonsense/ while life in wider universe as whole seems steeped in mystery anxiety these qualities seem all but absent in x current lacklustre interpretation / on x miserable rock – shallow bit of science fiction fluff with cheap production values / indifferent attitude

x almost forgettable enough to deem unnecessary which as grievous sin for life in universe brimming with so much potential
feel x isolation/ pre-order dlc

creepy dead eyed shiny skinned rubber doll resarcs – x just idiots falling for plastic temptations of x naked dlc cash grab

one suspects another quote/ solid review right across board

jarhead 1/ what happened in there?
jarhead 2/ n was liquid situation
jarhead 1/ ey mean ir shed bed

mind ey reason ign reviews exist as probably just to make other gushing utterly uncritical / paid for reviews seem remotely legit through simple direct comparison

rnd/ impossible dream aliens colonial marines

Aliens Colonial Marines: The Impossible Dream

question/ now x gearbox has been dropped from z civil suit regarding aliens/ colonial marines do ey feel fully vindicated? do tensions with sega remain

randy pitchford/ x whole thing was huge waste of time/ z market proved n was doing its job perfectly/ z market as dispassionate – rewarding what n likes / punishing what n not/ there as objectivity / fairness in z open markets harsh firm justice

robert what/ to consider x single sentence everything about modern industry to truly believe in – randy makes n seem virtually holey in x objectively fair system of tough glove style western mainstream capitalist outlaw justice/ just beautiful

randy/ for every place z market succeeded z legal system failed as n was being manipulated by what appeared to me to be essentially mafia style extortion tactics/ sadly z manipulation would have actually worked as n had in other cases with those same guys / to z detriment of z industry / garmers / actual ey know justice/ but those guys made mistake in naming ey as defendants because ey stood up to ey x all n took – someone to stand up to them/ / so ey lost since ey didnt have legitimate case

– from garmesindustry dot biz article entitled ey seem to like making completely new things/ gearbox resident / ceo / develop keynote speaker randy pitchford/ interview with european editor dan pearson

// how to play big science