H.R Giger studies

RND/ consider various H.R. Giger studies

rnd/ contemplative xenomorphism

Contemplative Xenomorphism

remix from image found online aka zenomorph

rnd/ giger homage passage triptychon

Giger: Homage (Passage)

different take on giger’s passages series

rnd/ hr giger money xenomorphic null

virtual h.r giger currency note xenomorphic null

Giger Money: Xenomorphic Null

to consider idea of h.r giger currency – darkly hyperreal unit of symbolic exchange in gigeresque anti universe that one always pays precisely in order to remain in debt

concept: that there is only one giger currency note in circulation – xenomorphic null or x∅ /pronounced like word so with z – as in xo what happens next

conceptually quote worth anywhere from -∞ minus infinity to 0/1 zero/one

colour scheme for giger currency note as follows

  • algae green
  • terracotta blue
  • gold rust
  • royal purple
  • dead earth brown

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