H.R Giger studies

RND/ To consider various H.R. Giger based art studies:

Contemplative Xenomorphism

6144 × 3840 .jpg

Contemplative Xenomorphism

Remix via Zenomorph.

Giger Homage: Passage Triptychon

3195 × 1851 .jpg

Giger: Homage (Passage)

A different take on giger’s passages series.

HR Giger Money: “Xenomorphic Null”

Virtual H.R Giger currency note Xenomorphic Null.

6144 × 2757 .jpg

Giger Money: Xenomorphic Null

To consider the idea of H.R Giger currency – a darkly hyperreal unit of symbolic exchange in a Gigeresque anti-universe that one always pays, precisely in order to remain forever in (cosmically unwanted) debt.

Note that there’s only one Giger currency note in circulation – a Xenomorphic Null or x∅ /pronounced like word “so” with a Z – as in “Xo what happens next?”

conceptually worth anywhere from -∞ minus infinity to 0/1 (zero/one).

Colour scheme for Giger currency note as follows:

  • Algae Green
  • Terracotta Blue
  • Gold Rust
  • Royal Purple
  • Dead Earth Brown

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