Git Gud? Leet Gamers Cheated By Global Videogaming

RND/ to consider how [/the laughable notion of] ‘1337 gam0rz’ are themselves (anti-ironically) cheated by the [/mere existence of the spectacle of the] culturally unregulated, multi-billion dollar Global Videogames Industry – already a towering monolith of raw, often cruel Ludocapitalist power:

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Git Gud: Leet Gamers (Lol) Cheated By Gaming

In which some don’t grow, or improve as people. Perhaps by seeing videogames as a shortcut to real life they gain nothing. To consider all ‘victories’ in videogames as deathly hollow – cosmically empty electronic voids where nothing (other than one’s real life) is in fact risked, and nothing (apart from false senses of ‘achievement’) truly gained. That it’s desperately sad few care to know the difference.

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