Games From The Asset Flip: Skate Man Intense Rescue

RND/ scenes from the asset flip – the classic skate man intense rescue – hypertography from the never released ‘welgestyle’ / ‘crapolaware’ classic

part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

in developer ring with big jim sterling aka skate man intense rescue goty edition

garish digital goty rat to simultaneously highlight celebrate conceptually flag quote spite story of behind industry reviewer jim sterlings episode / treatment of beautiful early access disaster zone called skate man intense rescue

featuring lines from transcript of jims skate man spite video

poor weak developers who cobble together few store brought unity assets charge anywhere from ten to twenty bucks for privilege of researching ir broken half baked wretched shed
malingering invertebrates who think x having less money than ea should give ey free pass from critique
bug ridden frankensteins monster of pre packaged assets hammered together by bunch of giggling flocking chimps
until these chicken livered pedlars of defective detritus are put on leash
– The Mighty Jim Sterlingson

Skate Man Intense Rescue Game (Jim Sterling Response)

in which skate man intense rescue reads like southern californian pcp fuelled laundry list of random play elements thrown together in imaginative blender by b52s with exactly same kind of manic mismatched energy – matching beach towels broken are hoses boys in bikinis girls with surfboards giant clams potatoes fried in tanning butter etc – lets rock fellow resarcs

where however there exist square jawed antiheros with sunglasses rollerskates known universes worst possible trouser pattern design – sentient helicopters cheetahs dogs on skateboards – whole garishly rainbow clad menagerie of store brought assets all boiled up together in same thick conceptual stew to create what hardcore amateur postmodern internet theorist for hire robert what sees as play space so uniquely bad x potentially positively odd [1]

skate man intense rescue rules

Reference Link

  1. Abstract Encounters

// how to play big science