“Ehh You Gamin’ Real Good”: On Vacuous Play

RND/ To consider the philosophical stupidity (innate uselessless, meaninglessness – boring, arbitrary mechanical pointless automaton-like grind, etc) of video games:

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“Ehh U Gamin’ Real Good”

– As expressed in a now classic quote by videogaming personality and journalist Lawrence Michael Sonntag

“[..] It’s a bunch of ego-fluff; you just slap buttons and then people die – the game’s just like “EHH U GAMIN’ REAL GOOD!!!” And like, levellin’ up.. it’s saccharin; it wears off real quick.”
– Lawrence Sontag on Anthem by EA Games

This seems to mirror what The Mightly Jim Sterlingson has (by now repeatedly) stated about the ‘AAA’ games industry and its foul market over-saturation:

[..] I’m sad that audiences harked on about Length and Replayability so much, that they only eased this transition to a generation where nearly everything is stuffed full of nebulous, repetitive, pointless bullshit just to pad things out, to the point where games feel like chores instead of entertainment”
– Jim Sterling, The Game Industry Is Choking Itself To Death

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