Debbie Gibson 80s VHS Dream Montage

RND/ In which (while asleep) you consider imagining happening upon an old unrewound VHS tape containing the pop video “Only In My Dreams” by Debbie Gibson

3994 x 2994 .jpg, edited in Gimp, screenshots via LOLtube

Debbie Gibson, 80s VHS Dream Montage

In which you note both that amazing purple-blue color often seen in oldskool 80s videos, and the bizarre ‘Remember: Brain Inside, World Outside’ model being shown Debbie in the video itself; interesting how this model entirely fails to take into account the fact that it already forms part of the whole (/80s video pop montage) dream. Perhaps the Retro 80’s ‘dream’ on display is a vision, projected outward from Debbie’s sleeping pop idol brain as an entire (fragmentary) hyper-mediated reality..

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