‘Dante VR’ Online: A New Metaverse Reckoning (Conceptual Painting)

RND/ To consider a Post-Cyberpunk conceptual painting of a post-Facebook ‘Metaverse’ reckoning:

Ideal / Idealized price for such a concept: $10.9M – contact Robert What today for details

7988 x 4628 .jpg

Dante VR Online: A New Metaverse Reckoning

In which a giant Watchmen style squid suddenly arrives from inner ideological-biopsychic space, invading Sugarborg’s virtual (Ludocapitalist) frame, freaking everyone out, creating what might be termed a neuro-apocalyptic ‘Dante-VR’ crisis online. The universal secret hacker sigil denoting ‘positively dystopian level Unity store style asset flips everywhere’ suddenly flashes above each user’s head: WELGESTYLE

Conceptual Art Statement by Resident Internet Theorist Robert What

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