DALL-E (2022) A.I. Art Collaboration Exhibit

RND/ To consider an artistic collaboration with Dall-E artificial intelligence.

Text prompts and resulting images  (with substantial post processing.)

“american political candidates shopping for US flags jasper johns”:

“Zdzisław Beksiński fine art painting of a dystopian organic megacity”:

“3D render of damien hirst in a glass cube digital art”:

“utopian virtual reality photograph”:

“psychedelic quantum aether butterflies and sunflowers” :

“Renaissance fine art painting portrait of Henry Rollins”:

“Giorgio de Chirico fine art painting of an urban city in the late afternoon”:

“70s fantasy art painting of a giant bridge over the ocean”:

“spanish horses with manes on fire on a hill at starry midnight”:

“fine art minotaur reading a book”:

“fine art panting of an infinite library”:

“kitsch 60s portrait of samuel l jackson”:

“Simon Stahl fine art painting of robots playing cowboys and indians”:

“Jean Michel Basquiat portrait of actor Sam Shepard”:

“Eric Fischl fine art painting of rich white people in an exotic jungle garden”:

“Eric Fischl fine art painting of rich white people on an ocean yacht”:

“Eric Fischl fine art painting of rich white people at a dirty urban crime scene”:

“banksy wall graffiti of london robocop”:

“banksy wall graffiti of a queen kicking a football”:

“David Hockney fine art painting of Japanese postmodern architecture”:

“David Hockney fine art painting of swimming pools with a shark”:

Download 74 DALL-E images (2088×2088, .heic) zipped: DALL·E-August-2022-and-Robert-What-Art-Collaboration-Exhibit.zip

Considering the potential quality of such images as these; the cost for the *notion* of this artist’s continued collaboration with A.I. is $350M – contact Robert What today for details

For some reason I felt terribly excited working with an artificial intelligence (other than my own, that is.) It was exactly like feeding slips of paper under the door leading to a Chinese Room. A moment’s wait, than a large format poster on nice paper suddenly exuded through a large thin horizontal slot in the door. Some of my initial prompts must of been wack, or Dall-E 2 (August 2022) didn’t know what the hell to make of what I thought I was asking, but well over a third of the prompts used didn’t generate anything remotely interesting or novel. That is to say, it still takes a keen artistic eye to spot the winners hiding in among all the standard memetic internet garbage.

Sure, if ‘An avacado shaped armchair‘ or whatever really pumps your artistic nads, then by all means continue forth spewing raw hyperreal A.I. image. But I’m hoping for something less than a machine and more of a true collaborative Plastic Pal Who’s Odd Fun To Be with. That is I don’t see A.I. generated art loosing it’s ‘arriving from the benthic depths of the uncanny valley to haunt us for our Faustian bargains’ look any time soon. Or heck maybe that’s precisely the hot new #AESTHETIC going around The Scene right now. (Yet note that’s always the more truly uncanny Thing about A.I. – it’s a subconscious reminder of the uncanny synthetic nature of human consciousness.)

In all, I had a great time and would long to roll the linguistic dice with DALL-E again. Yet isn’t that precisely the danger? It generates “Ooh, Pretty Instant Images” and we conveniently if not willingly forget the multi-billion dollar technologies and inherently evil hyper-corporations going BRRRR in the background, techn0-hell bent on utilizing such tech for Maximum Fun And Profit? After all, these things don’t care one weighted neural jot if they’re generating deepfake ripoffs of Monet daubs good enough to fool asshole art experts, or targeting political dissidents in some dystopian Cyberpunk megacity for casual drone assassination. The myth that ‘we’TM can possibly control the development of such technologies is darkly laughable and reminds one of ‘The Friendly Atom’ propaganda – especially considering this is an entire planet already covered / smothered in a vast, post-human network of neural-based Tech.

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