RND/ To consider seriously l33t (try-hard) Cyberpunk eBooks from amazon and good-style bad concept fan art.

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Cyberpunk is dead: Bad Amazon eBooks

A 40 page novella for £4.99 and zero content preview available, allowing human beings to “link themselves to the age of arts and literature” – apparently complete with “analysis, meaning and association” inside? Sorry but not bloody likely, mirror-shaded techn0boy.

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Cyberpunk is dead: RPG character Noriaa

Ah, dear miserable loney Norria – with your odd, slightly shrivelled left cybernetic arm, your ‘nasal super filters’ and ‘magnetic feet pads’ – still (for some reason) blindly / faithfully sticking to Cyberpunk’s long since abandoned dystopian trash as if it were remotely cool (read non ironically ‘edgy and hardcore’) – and not far more simply ‘good-bad’ (aka Kitsch.)

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