RND/ to consider you only wish modern examples of bad Cyberpunk were more outright awful – ie. as strange and undead as they often more actually seem

A movie comprised of two (poorly stuck together) GTA cyberpunk Machinima clips found languishing on LOLtube – with a touch of gamma correction, because the whole thing was previously so dark, Frank Miller’s Dark Knight gave it Gothic side-eye

Length: 01:14:28
EQ=Gamma: 1.3
Bitrate: 1335 kb/s
Codec: h.264
Size: 960×540

In which it seems perfectly reasonable to feel content with cyberpunk’s aesthetic tendency to feel naff; cheesy, accidentally camp, heavy handed, clunky, janky, jerry rigged, ridiculously self serious, overly furniture-chewingly dramatic – especially when there’s nothing particularly at stake

Some other colorful, slightly washed out snapshots of dead cyberpunk via Flickr:

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