RND/ consider a gallery of Dead Cyberpunk Kitsch (the best of the worst of the long forgotten and also-rans) all officially (subculturally) approved by Lord Edge, bless. Images freely available via The Interblack.

Oh Lord Edge, oh Eternally  Mirror-Shaded One
We thank thee for more hot Post Cyberpunk Flavor
You who finally brought CP’s eternal undeath to ‘Lite’
You of the anti-ironic, sweaty summer leather jacket wearing masses
You who stands alone, rock hard, forever poised
On the hard, brittle precipice, and is only mildly afraid
Who willingly looses his shape forever Trying To Act Kasual
Just so we may bare the Neon Hyperreality Flesh raw:
“Neuropink is an amusing headshot [to Cyberpunk]”
– Prayer to Lord Edge (common, circa 2077)

Example Reference Links

  1. Dark Synth Series: Images of Dead Cyberpunk-Vision Cities
  2. Wikipedia: Chinese Girl by Vladimir Tretchchikoff

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