Crowdfunding as a continuous (Drip) activity

RND/ On the notion that (crowdfunding) “Promotion should be a continuous activity”:

On promotion as a continuous (Drip) activity

That, like a tap leaking without end there should exist a permanent state of uninterrupted digital draining – a forever dehydrating, micro-transctional Drip feed using the wallets of backers / patients, forever hooked up to some great soulless post industrial art-machine sinkhole.

To consider you ‘didn’t get into this [/greasy /conceptual] business’ – a dubious philosophical gambit, to be sure – to prance about on world stage like a flocking professional corporate shill for your own synthetic image of – whatever B.S Potato Salad [1] it is you remotely imagine you do, or sell (with a fresh, modern ‘social’ twist, natch.)

The first cut won’t hurt at all
-Propaganda, Duel

Typical Crowdfunding Prosumer

The strictly Capitalist Ideology of Crowdfunding: that somehow ‘choosing’ who to fund means one is not still already a fully / constantly pre-paying member of an inherently unfair system (aren’t they all?) – one is distracted from its inherent daily poverty, ‘sustainable’ precisely / only through macabre endocannibalistic consumption of life force [2]; thoroughly rotten and ‘dead-boring’ from the baseless ground up.

Example Reference Links

  1. Salad Boy Zack Brown
  2. Wikipedia: Endocannibalism
  3. The Capitalist Ideology Of Patreon

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