Condescending, Pseudo-Scientific Art Net Magazine Article About ‘Hardwired’ Artist Poverty

RND/ The ideology of neuroscience in the service of global capital; to consider an utterly condescending, pseudo-scientific and essentialist Art Net Magazine article about how artist poverty may be ‘hardwired into their brains’:

Price For Such A Concept As This: $500K – Contact Robert What today for details

According to Wikipedia, this company’s revenue was $21,878,000  in 2019. And they have the nerve (neural matrix) to suggest the reason artists are poor, is because they (by implication) aren’t Capitalist-orientated enough to appreciate the benefits of being rich and white – like the founders of Art Net? Go fuck yourselves.

Fascinating how such an awful, darkly laughable article, based on spurious, anti-philosophical notions about the nature of modern artistic creation in a strictly Economic universe of strict algorithmic market control and willful ideological restraint, both simultaneously obfuscates the utterly toxic relationship Capital has with Art, and conveniently mythologizes artist creation – explaining artist’s often desperate need for money, financial support and overall poverty as some kind of innate ‘neural’ weakness.

Hey, perhaps some advanced brain training in the form of stock market trading lessons would help our hopelessly floppy ‘artistic’ brains. I mean common, let’s get our ‘entrepreneural’ shit together, artist schmucks – forget more of that artsy stuff and be more of a day trading lizard, and we’ll soon be (literally) thinking with extra credit. I mean, surely it’s nothing whatsoever to do with the fact Capitalism actively hates art and artists – is incapable of understanding or appreciating art except as just another fucking asset class, right?

Hot artistic tip: whenever you see cross sectional images of a brain with certain areas highlighted more than others, simply ask – who often more truly benefits from the unstated notions and unexamined first premises which made such images in the first place?

Rant Mode: On

Where real art exists, Capitalism is not. The more art there is, the more Capital is in retreat. The more genuine and real an artist, the more and more fiscal shit lizards spring out of the rotting woodwork to talk in jive terminology, eg. ‘authenticity’, ‘scarcity’, ‘non-fungibility’. Such bullshit studies only go towards highlighting the increasingly fascistic, eugenicist tendency of scientists seeking to ‘prove away’ deep societal inequalities, in order to help shrug off real responsibility and blame, eventually thereby quietly (and strongly) suggesting such ‘innate’ differences are ‘natural’™. If only as a sardonic expression, perhaps artists should carefully make a study of such sinister little scientist brains, to see if they aren’t overflowing with hot, artful (Capitalistic) dogshit.

Now pay the fucking artist!

To be honest, I’m often simply too depressed to give much of a shit about art. Making art is boring as fuck; most art is boring. I’d also love to be a lazy, rich-ass billionaire prick with infinite space and time on his clammy little hands, hanging around White Wall galleries with White People and White Wine, casually pointing to some bullshit little conceptual-digital whatever hanging nearby, that I (barely) paid some hot little artistic interns pennies to construct, according to my disinterested instructions. Then I’d sit around, posing in my nice tactical suit and custom leather shoes, waiting as synthetic adoration by cool, perfumed sycophants gently wafted into my ‘visionary art space’. A try Hyper-Ballardian. Yeah, that’s my plug-me-back-into-the-matrix fantasy, baby (he says – as though he ever left.) A little bit of that sheer effortless fucking LUXURY and posing and smoothness – that consummate polish and professionalism, the ability to be accepted as one of the artistic elite, to speak the same dead language, to air kiss, to nod to rich handsome strangers across a room, to be loved for the sheer fucking riches one brings to (an increasingly small section of) High Artistic Society. Expensive stupid art for the stupidly rich. That’s what I want to casually shit out of my arts. That’s who I want to be; a permanently stoned state of fiscally enhanced, carefree indifference.. because this if anything is the artificial dream that’s been implanted in my idiot head for so long, a dis-ease that has grown like a cancer in my empty skull for such a long time, that yeah, a large part of me does believe it. That is, I believe I have any actual chance whatsoever of ‘making it big in the art world’, that I won’t always be just an.other unknown schmuck on the internet, showcasing some badly photoshopped bullshit in his anonymous-ass site in the fucking middle of an airless electronic Metaversal nowhere. “All I need is a chance to shine” – as if I weren’t already just a 3watt bulb in a giant room of nothing.


Know what? I often get the strong sense that it wouldn’t be any great loss if I never heard the word ‘art’ again. It might be increasingly healthy to actively avoid all such tiresome, capitalist-infected noise.

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