Conceptual Painting: Tucker Carlson – ‘Western Civilization’ Foxwhistle

RND/ To consider a satirical conceptual painting of philosophically repugnant, intellectually devoid, dead eyed, smeared out turkey-ham faced douche nozzle Tucker Carlson and his man the wagons Murika’s under attack! ‘Western Civilization’ jive. What a hardon:

3316 x 1843 .jpg

Tucker Carlson: ‘Western Civilization’ Foxwhistle

Foxwhistle“: n. Professional ‘dittohead’ performances of hard alt-right (‘common sense’, ‘hardworking everyman’, ‘middle Amerika’, ‘just-so’, ‘all on the same page, Right *wink’) talking points, under the gleefully pathological auspices of Evil Rotting-Cabbagehead Rupert Murdock.

Be bold; snatch that annoying whistle right out of his lipless idiot mouth.

Journalist: What do you think of Western civilization?
Gandhi: I think it would be a good idea.
– Probably apocryphal yet still philosophically instructional Gandhi quote

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