Conceptual Painting: “How To Sell Your Art Online The French Way”

RND/ To consider how to selling your art online, ‘the French way’:

2676 x 2996 .jpg

How To Sell Your Art Online (The French Way)

Ideal / Idealized cost for a concept such as this: $3.2M – contact Robert What today for details

Apparently all you need to do is casually stroll off the set of a French flick, stop combing your ‘a-big-hit-with-the-ladies’ hair, and wear a jacket that looks like Manet got drunk on absinthe and power vomited. After that, just gesticulate with synthetic emotion and talk confidently and unconvincingly about.. what it is you’re actually selling: YOBA (your own bad art.) All in a manner that actually suggests little but useless self aggrandizement and the fleeting low potential for a handful for idle eyeballs on your crappy random site nobody cares about slight sigh.

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