(Conceptual Painting) Four Fames: Pulling Into Darkness On The Edge Of Town

RND/ To consider a conceptual painting based on four frames from Paris, Texas (Dir. Wim Wender, 1984):

9657 x 1431 .jpg

This images meant so much to me, the first time I saw Wim Wenders classic existential road trip movie. As though America’s great astral desert had been calling me all my idiot life. A stolen muscle car. storm light on the endless horizon. Lonely, anonymous by-the-week motels. Baudrillardian hyperreality and absolute horizontality. Beautiful and strange – a living dreamscape.

Four Frames: Pulling Into Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Ideal / Idealized price for such a concept as this: £350K – contact Robert What today for details.

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