Concept Covers

// Scene: to consider some conceptual concept album covers

rnd/ cockney voodoo beaver album users latest favourite colors

another hot theoretical banger from ambient death metal supergroup x brought ey classics like biofreak removal operative

track list side a

– sweet electric boogaloo blue/ 4:50
– terminal sunset in day west red/ 3:20
– ey hot super chrome starlove/ 18hrs 55
– umm urrrg tasty zombie plastic green 2:01

track list side b

– when n came to lemons orloff was right/ 5:50
– hey x ey billy no mates/ 1:02
– no 4th wall neither/ 6:00
– north south east west gates / fighting fantasy/ 13:47
– bonus track – feelin kinda dislocated on x bright hard edge of postmodern media phantasy/ 2hrs 20

rnd/ evening star fripp eno

alternative take – faces like distant memory islands with texture cross between thick quality paper levis jeans

rnd/ sleater kinney hot rock

not heard x album yet/ though consider envisioning x cover as faded indie classic

rnd/ smashwords covers

to consider how smashwords e book covers rule

cheat ey landlord if ey can must but do not try to shortchange muse
n cannot be done
ey cant fake quality any more than ey can fake good meal
– william seward burroughs

large percentage of e book covers teleport in from another slushy dimension – where modern languages of design aesthetic judgement are bypassed distinct lack of readable typefaces as norm/ smashwords as x dimension

travel with ir now as ir research tasty sampling of best n can only offer – where ephemerality banality irony angst ridden kitsch deliberate self parody billiously strong colors other hyperreal aesthetic distortions /seem to undermine functional symbolic value of such objects question concepts of taste good design common sense regular supervised medication

such covers give strange new impetus to phrase if covers are anything to go by imagine what writing inside must be like

– x smashwords book cover seems to be channeling stepford wives

one also wonders if title indicates both of these people no longer soil carpet

example quote/ julia was no longer convinced of ir faithfulness due to fact ir trousers were regularly missing from washing line ever other thursday/ other than x she was still busy coping over recent death of beufort ir prized psychic bulldog

– x unknown if unfortunately angelic sarah as staring up in fright at couple shes unable to join in shadow – or up scary ferris wheel of unrequited love

example quote/ sarahs cute button nose was regular item of commentary among fast rising starlets of new montagnal highs inner social circles/ n was set however in face where inner shine of troubled soul shone through with oblique gold tint paradoxically casting x melancholy shadow on every party sarah frequented in x angry overcast semester

– awesomely photoshopped head seems to contrast well with dirty blue bubble font set at jaunty angle

example quote/ suddenly intense mucosal explosions rocked entire school to x foundations as minxy emily in ir new sky blu winter sports jacket giggled with jagged sexual luminosity snowy daydreams of luxurious revenge on ir team mates forever rapidly expanding in ancient untold skies above ir hometown now forgotten in hard chemical rush for liquid revenge

– other than vhs fulci flick only place x poses greater immediate threat to ones eyeballs as x terrific beast

example quote/ justin clasped monster by x fleshy lapels threw n over ir muscular shoulder with force of man who watches late night open access cable judo/ with strange fiery yelp creature crashed through several cubicles into watercooler where due to effects of water justin had blessed x morning n underwent terrible transformation into local network manager graham or flesh trifle to ir numerous enemies

– having said x however one obviously did not have to contend with burning sun of x modern classic/ one wonders what thoughts must have been provoked to produce n

example quote/ let sunlight be ey guide – let rocks tell ey story – everything in x land as perfect symbol of peace loving guidance but ey must allow ir sentient message of holistic wonderment into ey heart – turn off television set eat apple content in ey soul – just dont forget to plant any seeds ey find in core for these are ey future selves as yet unborn ready to sprout

– now x cover should be on hawaiian style t shirt worn by employees of company where ey have enforced fun fridays/ dig quote playful deadpan way mr tiger pokes ir head through

example quote/ monkey speak through teacher – teacher speak through wine – wine not speak but poor – rain on table mist in bloody desert air – monkey teacher drink poor wine from rainy table – calculate oddities of fate but never speak of white tiger of destiny without first raising single finger to test air for shifting winds of unexpected joy

– standing before cardboard cut out city of ir troubled birth susan feels as confused as anyone else

example quote/ clasping ir designer handbag to ir ample chest susan waited for cab to meeting she now sensed would never arrive/ where was ir life heading if not rapidly down executive toilet ir head bumping against continually lowered glass ceiling of male dominated industry/ sarah sighed carefully took out tiny pill from delicately made medicine box in side pocket of ir purse/ n was already dissolving into ir pores as she slowly ground n between thumb finger – immediately sarah felt alive conceptually renewed just horny enough to care

– any book cover where x possible to read giant carp as saying name of author should be commended – for precisely what however as tricky part

example quote/ bloop bloop went fish/ why am ey here said mighty fish hunter

– x cover seems precisely kind of intense fever dream someone young with measles might conjure

example quote/ dallius let cool grey sand slip pleasantly between ir oversized toes while light played off surface of colorless water/ time for another hot existential doodle thought dallius

– x cover should win award for most unrestrained use of tartan in knowable universe

example quote/ in some strange sense julia really was private investigator – right up to point man under question filed restraining order against ir/ no private investigative roleplaying with 500 meters of ey alleged imaginary suspect read court order/ julia frowned considered ir next case

– when words fail heteronormative kiss taken over pastel scene of pure phallic flight fantasy often suffices

example quote/ hemorrhoids thought trevor

– armed with what look like ten breasts face slightly too small for head any reader would fear pealing of x particular bell

example quote/ copy sixth – summit meeting of elite bodybuilders – eight quadrant over ninth plus eighty – four circles – weave eighty call fourth copy – damned if ey know where x manuscript lies

– 70s called with offer/ awesome how milkshake looks sentient ready to attack – horror story perhaps

example quote/ n was no laughing matter thought duke gombrata as ey indelicately slid one of ir many remotely controlled mating organs into what was left of storm cloud pudding/ great crackling could be heard echoing throughout castle many of guests were damp with anticipation

– if there was ever book cover suggesting marriage on borderline of terminal decline

example quote/ marianne hated peter so much she threw away ir first edition copy of ulysses into harbour where ey had once departed for ir honeymoon thousand billion bloody hollow moons ago n seemed

– in impossibly distant immediate near future who will come across covers like x what will ey make of ey/ what pathetic little backwater planet of empty gestures endless useless details will ey imagine once existed where now there as only airless utterly desiccated salty death

example quote/ chapter one – in which old tom fisherman at omega point lapses back into private reverie where ey as unsoiled potato king or something

– highlights/ suspect gaze at young woman ir lipstick smear use of lens flare – horses/ one wonders what other untold promises such epic trilogy might hold

example quote/ captain robinson liked ir women physically strong mentally feeble perfectly armed with ir favorite brand of space pistol – crakos mark 14 slung low on one cheeky hip/ ey looked out port window sighed dreaming of better days/ captains mind was like brilliant metallic sponge able to absorb any information about impending attack by dimensional ninjas sent by ir intensely fashionable arch enemy doctor caslon

– ten /unidentifiable marks out of ten

example quote/ eat n mutant street scum – shakaloumabanjo

– x particular book cover seems legit/ one might even want to be seen reading x in public with slip on shoes popped collar/ x sort of book often seems found n in maseratis in beverly hills – know what ey mean

example quote/ open ey life to affirmative possibility enhanced by neurocognitive science let sunlight be ey guide/ let audience tell ey story/ everything ey own as perfect symbol of peace loving guidance – further unlockable life lessons available online for new low price

rnd/ summer with monika peter blake

Summer With Monika

cleaned up added portrait of eno on wall tattoo gun on side dresser

more detail given to visible organs of slumbering form

was to overlay image of engraved doors to mines in lotr on rat portfolio at foot of bed

rnd/ police ghost in machine

to consider some garish remix of ghost in machine album cover by police

too much information running through ey brain
too much information driving ey insane
– too much information by police 1981

rnd/ upstepping album cover

remix/ via oliver coates

// how to play big science