Calculating The Hyperreal Financial Concept of “Worth”

RND/ Given that apparently everything in the known, violently circumscribed monoverse of Capitalism has a price tag (ie. rational, materialist quantification), internet theorist Robert What now also calculates the hyperreal financial concept of “Worth”:

This conceptually artistic scenario is symbolically portrayed and signified via the following (digital) painterly ode to Jean-Paul Riopelle – which, along with everything else on this site is Free, as in Cost / Libre: ‘No Licence, No Copyright, Maximum R&D’.

Pricing The Capitalist Concept of Worth ($63.7M) – small

A large version of this image available: Robert What, Digital Conceptual Art: “Pricing The Capitalist Concept Of Worth” ($63.7M) (7680×11520, 55.1MB)

It’s said – mostly by Economists and their apologists – that “Idea’s are worthless; only the execution counts.” Expanding upon this notion, one might state it’s the very idea of Worth that needs executing; Robert What therefore puts (/down) the notion of “Worth” at US$63.7 Million – an equally absurdist calculation, based on two numeric factors:

  1. $63.7 Billion: The growth of the Global Capitalist Art Market (Artsy)
  2. 0.1%: The percentage of those who have boosted their wealth by as much as the world’s poorest half (Guardian)

Rich Patrons wishing to actively symbolically demonstrate “Pricing the notion of Worth” may now exchange money for what is now to be know as ‘Capitalism’s Most Expensive Conceptual Artwork’. Please contact robertwhat [at sitename dot com] today to discuss money transfer details – thereby helping him set up an alternative visionary Art Collective Tech Startup.

Neither this notion of Worth at Robert defines it or the painting represent mere monetary value, but the commerce of relationships under Capitalism; a social contract in which one ‘agrees’ to partake.

Note: as Robert What becomes a fully funded artist, his his cultural standing as an artist is automatically legitimized within the Global Art Economy – thereby increasing both his current and future ‘worth’ within the ideological system of (virtual) Finance.

Do check out other similar Conceptualisms on this site, consider them carefully, and – if you can afford it – exchange with Robert What the ‘Ideal / Idealized’ price for their immaterial ‘art (as) work’.

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