Buying Conceptual Art

Some helpful theoretical context for buying Art (/in the time of Covid) from or via theorist Robert What (in short, an Artist Statement):

  • The art on this site is of the Luxury Conceptual Performance variety – even the digital images.
  • It’s fairly priced – according to the strict, standard contemporary values of the Global Capitalist Art Market.
  • It’s only meant for the ultra rich, identifying as ‘white’.
  • Like synthetic sweeteners, such work contains ‘1calorie art’.
  • Its success and failure as art lies in the bizarre and fantastical moment (privilege) of Purchase – of perfect default Consumerist excess.
  • To buy art on this site is to enter into a conceptually performative call-and-response with Robert What.
  • Posts featuring the phrase ‘Ideal / Idealized cost for such a concept as this: £ [AMOUNT] – contact Robert What today for details‘ are available to buy instantly; after such a completed transaction, Robert What can provide a verifiable digital certificate of conceptual purchase.

Do you know people easily able to finance this form of deconstructive artistic insanity / darkly cynical genius? If so, please let them know this site exists! They’ll find it all very ‘amusing and intriguing’.

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