Breaking Point: Brexit themed rnd

RND/ to consider Brexit* themed conceptual art – of / for ongoing UK island backwater madness:

* Based around misinformation and election rigging in the service of default elite political destabilization, Brexit is the forever impending symbolic withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and a contemporary expression of the collective self harm and insanity of bottle nosed, flag waving, xenophobic old dotards [1] on some miserable backwater island obviously still living in the good old days of Dad’s Army when Johnny Foreigner knew his place and one could rely of artificially intelligent social media bots to rally populist brain dead hatred.

Article 50: A Regular Injection

To consider article 50 discussions – of regular / violently ironic intelligence injections

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Article 50: A Regular Injection

Brexit Breaking Point

I regard this as a manifestation of popular feeling
– Peter Griffiths (on Brexit symbolizing a nations psyche)

To consider fear / loathing / convenient short term memory loss in Merrie Old, Dead ‘Endland’.

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Brexit: Breaking Point

For when you’re ‘so fucking English’ you dump forth entire monastic figurines in the khazi every miserable new morning.

To consider how life – if that’s what they can call it – was generally any less awful in good ol’ Endland before, during or will be after the latest poll results.

Selective memory; just because frothy, fair trade venti soy quadruple decaff latte sipping Guardian Readers only now it seems are wring their pale, soft hands over potential increases in the cost of imported artisan fucking croissants, doesn’t mean life wasn’t always anything less than utterly dreadful for the marginalized / dispossessed / colonially disaporic in this constant, piss-dribble reigning backwater island dreaming.

Come what may, we are here to stay
– Linton Kwesi Johnson, Dread Inna Inglan

Sputnik Wedding Cake

– To consider a partially confusing philosophical mixture of perfectly accurate and reasonable social critique re: bread and spectacle in the dark time of Brexit, with thoroughly modern state initiated information propaganda.

In any case – consider that the uber rich should entirely pay for their own  bloody weddings, thanks.

Let the masses eat wedding cake crumbs indeed, eh Marie?

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