RND/ to consider a (completely staged) conceptual painting of two smitten toffs, at leisure in an empty Sussex field – luckily supplied with a complete set of high quality garden furniture. Somewhat oddly, the whole painting leans to the right.

5136 x 4510 .jpg, compiled in Gimp

Borris And Carrie In The Political Garden

Ideal / Idealized Price for such a Concept: £275,000

Despite the appearance of a smile, the woman in the painting appears to be saying “Get the fuck out of my house, you shambolic, Machiavellian, unflushable banana haired c**t.” If you’ve ever wondered how such cosmically abhorrent, Teflon coated PR spin managers who take such photographs sleep at night, the answer is just fine, thanks – welcome to the UK political garden, where only undead life forms exist. (Note: Shortly after this photo was taken, all plant life for a good half mile radius immediately died out of disgust.)

Example Reference Links

  1. The Canary: A former BBC producer just lifted the wig on Boris Johnson’s ‘bumbling idiot’ act
  2. The Guardian [of what?]: Boris Johnson will not say who released photo with partner, or when it was taken
  3. Politically Wasted: Boris Johnson: The Man, The Myth, The Bell-End

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