Boris And Carrie In The Political Garden

RND/ To consider a (completely staged) conceptual painting of two smitten toffs, at leisure in an empty Sussex field – luckily supplied with a complete set of high quality garden furniture. Somewhat oddly, the whole painting leans to the right.

5136 x 4510 .jpg, compiled in Gimp

Borris And Carrie In The Political Garden

Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £275K – contact Robert What today for details.

Despite the appearance of a smile, the woman in the painting appears to be saying “Get the fuck out of my house, you shambolic, Machiavellian, unflushable banana haired tosser.” If you’ve ever wondered how such cosmically abhorrent, Teflon coated PR spin managers who take such photographs sleep at night, the answer is just fine, thanks – welcome to the UK political garden, where only undead life forms exist. (Note: Shortly after this photo was taken, all plant life for a good half mile radius immediately died out of disgust.)

Example Reference Links

  1. The Canary: A former BBC producer just lifted the wig on Boris Johnson’s ‘bumbling idiot’ act
  2. The Guardian [of what?]: Boris Johnson will not say who released photo with partner, or when it was taken
  3. Politically Wasted: Boris Johnson: The Man, The Myth, The Bell-End

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