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RND/ To consider a Post-Cyberpunk (‘Neuropink’) Theory-Fiction fragments concerning “How To Play Big Science”. 2.5MB Epub: How-To-Play-Big-Science-A-Novel-www.robertwhat.com. Both ambivalence engine and inquiry mode – “Big Science” manifests in this dimension as new age social media style cult / free to play eSport set in ‘Near Future Now’ of global Ludocapitalist videogame spectacle; a giddy, hyperreal age of rogue precedents / presidents and kaleidoscopic, a-temporal expression; an emergent, planetary scale meta-computation shockwave tapping the ‘very dark’ energy fabrics of space-time Beyond. Fellow player Robert What has spent decades sitting alone in cold rented laboratories, deep diving through terabytes of digital zombie pop trash as immaterial for vague ‘RND Projects’ – and now shares his predictably oddball findings and mundane observations online.

A related book of videogame critique is also available: The Best Of Alien Fiction.

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