Dim Scientists Propose Spraying Sun Dimming Chemicals Into The Atmosphere

RND/ to consider the sudden, all natural dimming of Science – which, having already thoroughly, even perhaps irrevocably shit the bed enabling modern industrial society now propose hubristic fake solutions – symbolically perhaps to the underlying problem of Science itself? [1]

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Dim Scientists Propose Spraying Sun Dimming Chemicals Into The Atmosphere

– In which one is reminded of the plot line in the anime “Animatrix” in which, having enabled the very A.I which ends up enslaving humanity, science blots out the sun trying to killing them

This could be an example of what ‘Freelance Amateur Postmodern Internet Theorist’ Robert What (/ironically) philosophically terms the dangers of H.A.I “Human Artificial Intelligence” – human intelligence which only appears smart, whose intelligence is entirely synthetic

Example Reference Links

  1. Wikipedia: Super_Omega
  2. Plato at Stanford: Philosophical Zombies
  3. Epiphenomenalism

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Creepy Portraits of Deep Fake A.I People: “This Algorithm Exists”

RND/ to consider conceptually creepy art portraits of non-existent people computer generated by evil near-future graphics card manufacturers using advanced neural networks & machine learning

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– To note however, that such people are not in fact people but algorithms, and that unlike pseudo-people do in fact exist and express real identity – that is, an often dangerous sociopolitical efficacy

And yet, one should be wary of taking such emergent / stuck on mathematical smiles at face value (minor tumorous outgrowths and weird skin folds notwithstanding) because right now ‘they’ are probably working in strict tandem with large faceless metacorps to silently and efficiently fuck you over in various, blandly terrifyingly-smart ways

Have a nice day; it’s your duty

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