Aspirational Lifestyle Wallpapers For White Millennials

RND/ To consider that even something as apparently innocuous as desktop or smart phone wallpapers can be ideologically expressive and sinister. That something as insidiously puke inducing as ‘Aspirational Lifestyle Wallpapers For White™ Millennials’ can actually exist.

All credit to original photographers (w/ nice expensive cameras);

Design choices do not merely reflect an artist’s personal subjective whims, but – especially when seen as a cultural trend – contain the embedded ideology of that person’s society. In the examples shown here, it is possible to detect desire – an ‘Aspirational Lifestyle’ which actively seeks to belong to a global hyper-Capitalist society of ‘prosumers’. A high income, upper class twit deep into cool ‘elite’ shit like global travel, IP startup flotations, bitcoins, snowboarding, etc. But always with the well practiced quiet sophistication of endlessly smug, brain dead tossers who take the very notion of Apple-As-A-Brand remotely seriously. (“It’s a sweatshop made slab of Earth destroying plastic, darling – not a fucking social movement.”)

These kinds of images often have low contrast, often bright but not garish color schemes, a dusty or smokey finish or surface sheen, and display quiet or low key subject matter. A pier at dusk. A mountain pass (with your bags carried by some suitably Ethnic local, no doubt.) Storms at night. Listen carefully and you can almost hear the lite ‘smooth coffee jazz’ playing in the background. All of it very offensively-inoffensive. Designed to the max from the outset to ‘harsh nobody’s karmic mellow’. A perfect little Selfie World of deliciously snappable little moments of lukewarm nothing.

Impolitely go fuck yourself. We’re about to beam in the Hard Real. ‘Digital Nomad‘ is another term for ‘Total Cunt’. Rip the Instagram filter from your soulless eyes for a change, why don’t you. You’re fucking boring; even your goddam wallpaper choice marks you out as somehow who lives in an entire universe permanently zonked out on prescription mood levellers.

Don’t let the ‘lite side’ win; let this be your mantra – “I have come here to destroy all you love that is false.”

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