An Ideological Portrait Of Joe ‘Everyman’ Rogan

RND/ To consider a portrait of Joe Rogan – which may also seems an ironic portrait of the rise of internet populism and (reactionary, Trump style) Libertarianism. That is, to ask exactly how mega millionaire Joe ‘one of us’ Rogan became the new ideological-steroid model for the Enlightened Radical-Centrist Everyman.*

I worked my ass off on this. – This is my life you’re talking about.
No, what you are, Barry, is a fucking suit salesman with a big mouth.
– Talk Radio (Oliver Stone, 1988)

2136 x 2700 .jpg – based on a cool Sketchfab model by BLMcHale.

Joe Rogan

Ideal / Idealized cost for such a concept as this: $3.95M – contact Robert What today for details (“Hey Joe – where you goin’ with that Spotify contract in your hand”♫)

  • Based: Teh (Angry) White™ Male is always already the de facto center of the entire discursive universe, Brodude! Consider Joe as the oppressed men’s rights activist bar none, speaking up for the Great Angry Red Faced Silent Majority being cancelled by all the Commie Wokies muahh! sheds a single tiny, crystalline, apha-male-nohomo tear. (In which apparently being a ‘free thinker’ simply means ‘being able to think and say whatever the hell I want’ without consequence, Ma – because my dominant societal position provides me with a convenient mythic delusion: that I inherently deserve my own unchallenged stupidities – and must spread them like memetic syphilis.)

Joe Rogaine is the man and you are a brainwashed fucking dumb c**t. Oh what you dont like different opinions than yours. Guess what!! THE POWERFUL JRE ISNT GOING ANYWHERE. Open your brain up you piece of shit
Triggered intellectual ‘Mark’

Oh do toke another organic, responsibly sourced anal-DMT joint, and tell all us again about how tough life is for all weepy, edgy and marginalized Republican voting atheists.

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