RND/ To consider an ‘Amerikan Cyberpunk Vision Apocalypse’ – a collapse in the vision that once (/never) was Cyberpunk:

If they think you’re technical, go crude
– William Gibson, Johnny Mnemonic

Check out this cool wired warrior – with a (literal) camera for an eye, an oldskool CD player for a hand, chest embedded tape reels and an eagle (with a radar on the top of its head) for a companion – all on the merry lit road to hardcore action and high adventure in the great dystopian outdoors, probably.

American Cyberpunk Vision Apocalypse

In which the colour palette evokes Latin American street art murals.

Such a collapse / desimulation of the techno-utopian ideal and the resulting sleazy outsider “Bad Art” represents and codifies current unconscious dreams / wishes for the near future of advanced cyberpunk aesthetics – that it evolves into what it more actually was before, just underneath its glazed neon surfaces, ie. gloriously camp, confoundingly ugly, amazingly rough – in short, smeared with delicious synthetic sleaze.

Example Reference Links

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  6. Neon Shadow Conspiracy II

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