Album Review: Day Of The Locust by Cockney Voodoo Beaver (Orloff Records 2022)

RND/ To consider a virtual album review of “Day Of The locust” by the mighty UK based Ambient Death Metal supergroup Cockney Voodoo Beaver:

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Album Cover
Cockney Voodoo Beaver, Day Of The Locust

Side A

  • Where Did I Put That Surgical Stapler? (4:20)
  • Extra Cable Ties (10:22)
  • Grandma’s Death Bed (15:00)
  • Hallucinogenic Sweat Beads (2:44)
  • Holy Meta-Geographic Needlepoint Flux (12:30)

Side B

  • Effortlessly Dispatched By My Stony Iron Chinese Internal Kung-Fu Hands Of Silent Ninja Death (20:02)
  • Why Is The Central Heating Not Working? (3:00)
  • Dreaming Of Ultimate Fiscal Luxury In A Post-Covid Artistic Environment (13:03)
  • Macrocosmic Jissom Badger (10:45)
  • Petra’s Fractal Sense Of Self Similar Desperation And Listless Abandonment (10:55)
  • A Little Of Column B (2:22)
  • Hallucinogenic Sweat Beads (Spoken Word Outtakes, 4:50)

Robert What’s Capsule Review

CBV’s hot new album “Day Of The Locust” arrives direct and steaming from Orloff Records (UK, 2022) and apart from a few noodling lulls in the later thirds of a few of the longer tracks, hardly misses a bio-cosmic beat. Once again, it appears the London based supergroup of mysterious and unknown Ambient Death Metal aficionados and 70s-era style electronic keyboard wranglers has been busy in the lab in this, their second psychedelic collaboration with tight R&D crew The Electronic Knights Of Idaho. While obviously nothing too odd or surprising to fans of hip-hop remixed, late era Tangerine Dream albums, “Day Of The Locust” charms the polka-dot pants off listeners with its brain stunningly fresh and contemporary mastery of treated sound in EKOI’s custom, algorithmically generated labyrinthine super-space. The extensive backstory on the inside cover appears to reference the classic 1939 novel by All American author Nathanael West, and its feverish emotional tempos and estranged psychic undercurrents of Hollywood, California are clearly on aural display in this release. So spark up a bowl of your favorite dried plant teacher and black light chill to this bass-heavy, throbbing seismic overload. Recommended. Score: ****/*****