Alan Wake: Dumbest Writer Alive

RND/ To consider the mere notion of Alan Wake – proto / ur-dumbest (/bad / pulp) writer alive:

Part of theorist Robert What’s forthcoming book “How To Stop Being A Writer.”

2104 x 3804, screenshot from Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

Alan Wake: Dumbest Writer Alive

In which the actual nightmare is the very notion of “Writer Alan Wake.” If any writer capable of generating such ‘misery’ (see what I did there) ever needed a swift typewriter hobbling with a handy sledgehammer, it’s Alan.

It is suggested fellow Researchers try zooming in and out of this image, since Alan’s idiot-salmon style eyeballs rapidly change from ‘dumb textual calm’ to the start realization-horror of “OMFG I’m the very reason potential non-writers should develop writer’s block.”

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