Achtung! On The Evil Electronic Art of Project Atlas

RND/ in which everyone’s favorite dystopian ‘near future now’ ludocapitalist hyper-corporation announces the oh-so sinister sounding “Project Atlas

Dig the darkly laughable opening spiel by Officer Ken Moss, in which he proudly states his pure gaming heritage, aka

“We might be utterly despicable if not outright evil – but at cold, dead mechanial heart we’re made entirely of warm, friendly little gamers – kinda like you dim plebian whales whose heads we happily spit upon from our brutalist corporate balcony on the 1000th floor, overlooking the burnt and pillaged colonial lands of the Video Undead muah-hah-hah-hah! *cough* sorry”

– Conceptual new media art, meant to look like secret official documents stolen by Allied data ninja forces during an alternative World Reality War 2 (when videogames won)

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