Abstract Encounter: The House Of Asterion

RND/ To consider “The House Of Asterion” video game: Borgean research play space concept featuring infinitely procedural parkour:

Conceptual RND Play Space “The House Of Asterion”

Example Research scenario: The Friendly Minotaur “Asterion”, sweating running leaping – falling at high speeds through an infinite voxel labyrinth [2] based on the etchings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi – exploring forbidden lands with thundering steps, uttering loud often happy bull like roars which echo off sublimely cavernous ruin walls.

In which this project brings to mind sublime desert dream studies of Thierry Urbain [3]

Giger was born in 1940 in the small Swiss town of Chur, an unbearable place of high mountains and pretty bourgeois attitudes. Growing up there, he had nightmares in his parents house, and would imagine gigantic bottomless shafts bathing in pale yellow light. In his book Necronomicon, he writes about walls – steep, treacherous wooden stairways without bannisters leading down into a yawning abyss. A cellar in the house gave rise to image of a monstrous labyrinth where all kinds of dangers lay in wait for him
– Shadowplay Zine, At Home With Giger

Example Reference Links

  1. Borges short story
  2. H.R Giger Studies
  3. Imaginary Megastructures
  4. Superbrutalism
  5. Artist Thierry Urbain

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