[..] to consider roleplaying Robert What 24/7 – arbitrary UK based ‘Hardcore Amateur Postmodern Internet Theorist’ Researching and Developing absurdist “Big Science” or imaginary state of play – informal, alternative meta lifestyle with superficial sci fi mythos based around experimental, contentless, open flan source vaporware

Y: Hi, what you doing
X: Oh you know – Big Science
Y: *blinks once* OK

Both a realtime worldbuilding engine and ambivalent enquiry mode, Big Science emerges online as new age social media cult – free to play esport set in the “Near Future Now” of global Capitalist spectacle – expressions of the giddy hyperreal zeitgeist tapping the very dark energy fabric of spacetime beyond

Skint, unemployable and terminally bored, Robert has spent lonely decades in cold rented laboratories diving terabytes of digital zombie trash for his vague ‘RND Projects’, and now shares his predictably oddball findings and underbaked observations with the big scientific community

Perhaps through the symbolic exchange of such deadpan placebo B.S, Robert vainly plans to pay off his Student Debt, buy his girlfriend a nice house and initiate a visionary, multi billion dollar virtual research collective / researcher led art platform / disruptive tech startup to support the useless, non-productive research of fellow scientists and accelerate ‘humalien’ consciousness


To discuss such bleeding edge theory-fiction andor chat about cool project collaboration, email bob [at] site name dot com today – expect three working days for replies; politeness welcome and reciprocated

Example Hardcore Amateur Postmodern Theorist Robert What

For the purposes of philosophical critique, education and historical archiving, such Big Science releases and escapes: “No Licence / No Copyright / Maximum Remix” – Kopimi!

Om Mani Padme Hum

// In order to bypass regular neural [cultural / market] interference, this advanced thought experiment transmits to you now direct from Big Scientist RND Zaibatsu Shadow Hyper Corporation lab space via Quantum Psychic Blockchain, or something