tldr: playing with ideas / images


Example Context: [..] skint / unemployable / terminally bored – consider notion of arbitrary UK citizen with zero prospects roleplaying ‘Amateur Postmodern Internet Theorist’ Robert What – currently busy procrastinating in Research and Development of absurdist / imaginary play state “Big Science”

This informal alternative lifestyle sandbox / toolbox / self-aware social practice features superficial sci fi mythos – based around contentless open fan source vaporware fragments / visual language code

Consider such scenes / scenarios / simulations / interventions / ruptures – intellectual catalysts – synthetic setups / pseudo events / nonlinear actions / occurrences – forming temporary / highly improvisational research performances / advanced scientific visualizations

Y: Hi – what you doing
X: Oh you know – “Big Science”
Y: ..OK – how do you play
X: Hey good question

World building engine / ambivalent enquiry mode – “Big Science” now manifests as both new age social media cult / free to play meta eSport set in ‘Near Future Now’ of global Capitalist spectacle – giddy hyperreal age of rogue precedents / atemporal expression – tapping ‘very dark’ energy fabrics of spacetime Beyond

Fellow player Robert What has spent decades in cold rented laboratories shallow diving terabytes of zombie pop trash for his vague ‘RND Projects’ – now sharing predictably oddball findings / mundane observations with big scientific communities; this site showcases Rob’s ongoing generic adventures / exploration

Through such placebo B.S and its symbolic sign exchange Robert vainly plans to pay off Student Debts / purchase decent insulated housing / initiate visionary virtual research collective / researcher led platform / disruptive tech startup “B.S.Z” – catalyzing non-useful, post-productive research of fellow scientists (aka ‘Resarcs’) thereby accelerating so called ‘Humalien’ consciousness


Hire Amateur Postmodern Internet Theorist Robert What Today

Do you have a unique RND project which might benefit from outside amateur consultation – if so ‘Freelance Brainstormer’ / ‘Speculative Ideas Person’ Robert What brings keen non-rational experimental philosophical investigation / deep left field perspective to reveal / expand existing / hidden meanings / greater potential artistry

Such extensive tests / imprecise deployed notions involve indeterminate optimal strategies – unpredictable ongoing developments / impossible events to analyze / ponder radically alternative improbable outcomes – to provide insight into emergent ‘in-scene’ play

To discuss such bleeding edge ‘theory-fiction’ andor chat about cool project collaboration / consultation, email bob [at] site name dot com today – expect three working days for replies; politeness and intellect always welcome and reciprocated

Example Hardcore Amateur Postmodern Theorist Robert What

For purposes of philosophical critique / social parody / satire / public education / historical archiving – such “Big Science” releases andor escapes to what Brian Eno terms ‘Scenius’ – via No License / No Copyright / Maximum Remix – Kopimi!

Om Mani Padme Hum

// Note: in order to bypass regular neural [cultural / market] interference, this advanced thought experiment transmits to you now direct from ‘Near Future Retro 80s’ Big Scientist RND Zaibatsu Shadow Hyper Corporation lab space via Quantum Psychic Blockchain or something

B.S Disclaimer: Such RND seems provided seemingly as-is, raw or burnt – as such often contains or actively expresses technical inaccuracies/ errors typographical / otherwise, wildly out-of-date information, nebulous / spurious notions – often feeling somehow necessary pretend-tious, ie. involving pretending

Often updated or changed in-scene without notice at any time its use seems risky/ in no event shall fellow researcher Robert What or affiliates be liable for special / indirect / incidental or consequential damages andor unexpected existential excitement resulting from or related to use (theoretical or otherwise) of / exposure to research data / general absurdist social play-practice of “Big Science”

// how to play big science