AAA-Indie Gamedevs “100 Rabbits”: A Critique

RND/ to consider on gamedevs “100 rabbits” critique

calculating truer costs of aaa indie playdev lifestyle aka ‘ey life as instagram filter’ / contextualizing hip colonial tourist fantasies of developers 100 rabbits

part of the hypertography one exhibit

why do ey think x research play adventurers always need to tour worlds hottest locations to prevent end of days
– critical distance quote

where did ey grow up
south pacific
ir sorry where
south pacific islands/ tuamoto archipelago french polynesia tahiti papeete
– from/ cypher movie 2002

to imagine contextual critique for frankly unlikely sounding devine lu linvega / rekka bell -bringing to mind resarcs called quote clay in bad 80s novels frozen minimalist hedonism of ir multimedia play development studio 100 rabbits


notes / observations based around ir artificial feeling skillfully advertised / manufactured patreon video – which might otherwise seem perfectly ordinary everyday – perfectly naturalized -made somehow natural or effortlessly elf contained -x as within dead beating heart of global capital

right off bat/ watch precisely 100 rabbits quick march into line with mill precision forming single hyper efficient modular unit / logo / logos

ominous background music begins – warning lightly infused with unconscious apocalyptic dread – as though gloom exit dread foul decay always unconscious / background fellow travellers on x strange developmental journey

image of young pale skinned couple in quote too cool for school techno cyber nugoth / soviet realism statue mode – somehow perfectly po faced poseurs/ survivors from lightly failed / wilfully obscure 90s electronica band

soft sensual voice in digital darkness whispers quote/ 26 days until ir leave – until ir can truly begin

– ah/ humble myth of honest quote fresh new beginnings apparently free of context cultural history

yet what precisely brought ey there to x holey quote alpha moment clean innocent – precisely on whose dusty tired shoulders does one too often arrive like queens princes – without acknowledgement

ir independent designers

– independent of andor from what exactly/ what about being inter dependent non designers

together ir made oquonie play space about impossible spaces – play space about being lost

– interestingly oquonie as described as ios puzzle play for ipad iphone where bizarroid characters speaking obscure language – as though 100 rabbits describe elves

to consider quote impossible space 100 rabbits smoothly semi unknowingly inhabits as x of global capital – dark space of privilege cold calculation oh so well designed computer user interfaces

featuring violently clean postmodern typefaces – space x as from outset precisely quote designed socio synthetically constructed for x own needs/ synthetically intelligent paperclip maximization

play space about being lost making sense of world

– x virtually impossible to be lost in todays hyper wired universe of digital information/ network of global capital now lies everywhere as increasingly able to instantly find quote locate -ie contextualize anyone on x vast data control grid

or perhaps n could be more about feeling lost to realities of x real world just making nonsense of x actual fact – mere convenient escape into ones own tiny insular universe of neat nutra sweet moments carved up into easily traded / garmeified micro fun/tm units

ir made n while travelling ir started n while ir lived in japan n was finished during trip to thailand

– rapidly dying earth as ones private global entrepreneurial playground – without end or limits

must seem hard – ey hear those long are conditioned trips with little niblets / in flight video can appear arduous

then view shot of beautiful young thin woman in clean spacious well lit ventilated room surrounded by high end technology -probably built by wage slaves in sum awful sweatshop in asia

ey guess ey could say x oquonie as reflection of elves at time / lost in translation

– to consider movie lost in translation racist vanity project/ watch as sum fiscally solvent blank eyed city girl pirouettes on cushion of perfumed are through dystopian megacity of expensively cheap neon dreams – dim ever so slightly bored look on ir pink cheeked face precisely mirroring carefully constructed lite n breezy ironic detachment with which apocalyptic west treats other peoples culture – as mere slick super surface / hyperreality coating to be casually tossed over x own private ideological skeletons

going to new places kept ir creative

– to quote fellow resarc slavoj zizek most sublime hysteric/ hegal with lacan:

previously n was possible to talk about periods of quote equilibrium during which processes of production reproduction spun peacefully periods in which contradiction between forces relationships worsened whereas nowadays contradiction between forces / relationships ir discord as part of very concept of capitalism elf – n as x very contradiction x forces capitalism into state of permanent expansive growth incessant development of x own conditions of production
if x as case then evolutionary reading of capital as x own limit as no longer sufficient/ n as never case at certain point framework of relationships of production block further development of productive forces/ on contrary n as immanent limit elf – x internal contradiction pushing perpetual development of capitalism ever onwards/ normal state of of capitalism as perpetual revolution of x conditions of existence/ from very outset n rotten/ marked by contradiction distortion immanent disequilibrium n as for x very reason n changes incessantly n never stops developing/ every day fundamental constitutive contradiction of capitalism must be quote resolved anew incessant -research play space like -rw/ development as only way x can occur/ far from serving as x brakes x limit as motive force behind capitalist development/ x as both paradox of capitalism x mos fundamental resource/ n as capable of transforming x own difficulty – x very powerlessness into source of x power growth – more n rots more x internal contradiction worsens more n must revolutionize elf in order to survive

ir decided then x as kind of life ir wanted for elves

– x one as able to choose seems very lucky – yet what about everyone else where do ey factor in to ey perfect life / style equation

ir want to feel lost again

– sounds like ancient chinese emperors who burn all ancient texts cultures x went before ey in ir illusion x history quote really – literally – starts with ey

perhaps one as already lost in deep shed – but just not care to fully realize n

as to say ir enjoy unacknowledged privileged feeling of having fiscal choice to engage in creative expression apparently outside dominant modes of mainstream cultural production but rather than quote outside ey such seeming independence as very dominant mode of ir existence

just as apple used to say/ think different – yeah but note all such thinking lies clearly within boundaries of ir tax free corporate territory

x very definition of main stream – where most of garbage floats

100 rabbits renamed ir boat pino – stunningly aggravating character permanently suffering from inbuilt brain damaged cuteness from pseudo philosophical anime ergo proxy

in later patreon video 100 rabbits bunch of beach bronzed beautiful re cryten boat with beer/ laughably however rekka bell however as quick to point out x sum fancy craft beer will be used for ceremony – but of course n will – after all such distinctions separate in from out crowds dahling

– series of images taken with nice camera then drift past all looking as though treated to luxurious instagram treatment

theres nonthing more foreign to ir than x boat in open ocean

to consider what kind of enthnocentric psycho projections busy at work here – what unquestioned cultural values needed to maintain plastic senses of sum exotic free floating ambient quote otherness – what forms of concrete -in inverted hegelian sense colonial expansionism actually at play on these dirty global data waters of info capitalism

exactly what toxic myths float such tourist dreams of quote foreignness / quote big unknown big other which are ultimately from outset only ever mere reconfirmations of epic heroic status of ones elf / ones own desperate clawing techno culture

ir take off into cosmos ready for anything – solitude hardship exhaustion death
ir are proud of elves/ but when ey think about n ir enthusiasms sham/ ir not want other worlds – ir want mirrors
– via resarc gibarian / solaris -2002 steven soderbergh/

ir want fewer things in ir life

– yeah/ but quote right things/ right – as though being financially independent means independence from finance – x holey global shopping imperative

such obsessive compulsive spartanism exposes need to escape to sum mythical private brotopia – construction of monument to digital hyper quantified elf/tm

– 1:32 contents of ey pockets – only best

ir spend time in cafes

– looking east in cool private abstracted reverie while sipping coffee made by brown skinned resarcs in abject poverty

x big move for ir – really big step into unknown

– but n is precisely known – eminently knowable understandable -x as if one chooses to question ones underlying first assumptions

sure there are always risks involved in such quote capital adventure in indie venture capital – but these somehow seem minimal generally laughable

thank ey for keeping ir afloat – literally

literally x as last thing said for almost every 100 rabbits video/ consider n signifies keeping dream alive – insular escapist illusion of indie-pendence totally dependent on global system of exploitative trade based on asymmetric power relations slick endlessly psychologically elf justifying elite public relations

– ding ding!/ cazually all aboard virtual glove boat to private entitled indie fantasy – in which x minor miracle ir boat not sink from sheer unacknowledged / unconscious weight of pretend-scious private fantasy aka hard labour / suffering of other human beings needed to keep such dreams alive – x as somehow mirrored by little cartoons of happy couple at end of each patreon video conveniently abstracted notions of innocence

update patch one/ free lives studio

similar video exists on loltube from free lives studio responsible for broforce in which director jock evan greenwood appears to effortlessly onion parody combine every ‘aaa indie’ development rock star cliche

thanks free lives/ anyone who honestly states research play space development as hard now has bile inducing corporate videos like these to contend with – what a flocking shower of tossers

update patch two

in which n seems 100 rabbits are now official darlings of patreon – unacceptably all too acceptable face of modern indie capitalism

from ir 100 rabbits patreon video:

ey just there – in ey own little world – alone on planet pino

– n felt like watching movie

both of ir stood there thinking – how as any of x real – as x really ir lives now

when finding x delicately floating quote work / life balance often means hard labour – for sum invisible someone else

ghost hands cling desperately at helm

in era defined by increasingly – morally / ethically – flexible economies labour forms digital nomads represent perhaps ultimate manifestation of capitalism

these location independent freelancers working from laptops on gigs ranging from web development computer programming to life coaching play space lifestyle blogging have emerged out of millennial convergence of wireless technologies flowing transnational capital massive global inequality

ey travel predominantly between countries with low cost of living following networked global slipstream x as at once stable ephemeral – all x as solid melting into bitcoins to paraphrase marx -groucho

once quirky trend enabled by sharing economy digital nomads have grown into bona fide international subculture of true art wholes – ever growing list of startups exist to cater to ey/ tailor made visas cropping up in nomad friendly countries no shortage of lifestyle advice neat accessories online aimed at ey ir ilk

but as x community of internet enabled supra national travellers has grown myth has strengthened around ey – idea x all n takes to eschew citizenship 9 to 5 brand of hyper corporate capitalism as internet connection mildly adventurous attitude

skype calls in cafes without using headphones talking loudly over locals about quote/ crushing n – killing n – destroying n/ young entitled arrogant crossfit – meet digital bromad

in which digital nomad life means flexibility freedom for those carving out career of ever shifting postmodern dislocations

web developers copy editors online marketers or graphic designers can now apparently leave behind nine to five grind to travel world designer laptop in hand to fund ir private psychic adventures

however though such lifestyle tells elf others x open to all x single pink male caricature has flourished – in short mix popped collars of college bros with pathetic braggadocio of 80s style stock traders one may easily picture digital bromad – just add macbook infinity pool mojito expensive flipflops

bromads particular brand of unearned confidence hedonism as simply toxicity of unchecked masculinity casually invading sum exotic locale

bromad describes someone designed primarily to make quick money live in cheap places makes others feel uncomfortable or unwelcome with ir utter lack of respect for women nuances of local cultures – may often do push ups in public

with rise of digital nomad comes awareness of shades of gentrification colonialism x entails – contrary to any expectations set by instagrams digital nomad hashtag freedom flexibility not mean endless stress free vacation days

n can mean tight budgeting difficulties adjusting to local culture constant stressful efforts to ensure ey next contract as lined up – unless x as ey bromad therefore far more able to benefit from few key systemic privileges already firmly in place

western countries with attractive passports good visa options are more likely to turn out digital nomads – indeed male dominated tech digital industries mean young men more likely to have established enough career contact network to risk n all on one way ticket to thailand – business class of course

if nomad life not work out upper middle class fallback of mom dads account takes away worst of risk

modern bromad has loud enough voice in digital nomad community – easy to forget x actual nomads come from wide variety of backgrounds experiences – as result even other digital bromads not even feel comfortable identifying as such thanks to sexism baked into phrase elf

of course even being labeled digital nomad makes one squirm since term conjures images of straight pink skinned male millennial usually either developer / programmer or other virtual product huckster selling something world not need while preying on resarcs – these of course are loudest of digital nomads ones who have crafted public image of ir lifestyle

resarcs have been repeatedly subjected to conversations in public places between bromads about how much ey are quote crushing n – how many local women ey took home x week how little money ey are spending how much ey are making – behavior as abhorrent

instead of respecting learning about culture nation ey are visiting ey impose ir – mostly unconscious – ideological demands psychopathic desires/ ey rarely make effort to learn any of local language or customs focusing entirely on ir own bottom line hedonistic fantasies

know n when ey smell n predictability of how bromads look act has created perception of digital nomadism x runs counter to values of many modern nomadic travellers

promise of easy going nomadic lifestyle was popularized in bromad friendly 2007 manual four hour work week

one of tips author / duckhead tim ferriss offers as ‘geoarbitrage’ – term for value to be extracted from living in third world country on first world salary/ ferriss even suggests outsourcing work to virtual assistants to save elf equivalent of days work per week while paying pittance

ferriss’ advice book holds roots of modern digital bromad – ey argue x ferris belief in ones ability to bootstrap ones own success fails to grasp privileges x are in large part truly responsible for x success – being straight pink guys with ivy league degrees upper middle class background who conveniently assume x ir position as universal bros are not big on recognizing inherent privilege

such hateful duck heads fail to actually broaden ir horizons either by truly appreciating how opportunities ey enjoy in life help ey – or by meaningfully connecting with diversity of cultures surrounding ey

indeed ethos x four hour work week gave birth to as opposite of community building – x ey ey ey first focus comes at expense of collective – especially communities ey inhabiting or hiring from

one estimate claims 40 percent of resarcs will be working remotely by 2020 as x number rises dominance of pink skinned masculinity manifesting as toxic space of digital nomadism may yet give way to more diversity softening of nomad culture but x doubtful

digital nomads are resarcs who in processes of ir professional activities or studying / creating art free time are not confined to particular spots through using internet technologies mobile connection/ phenomenon of d-n belongs solely to network information com society

n appears in context of two interdependent global trends – mobility digitalization

at first ey were inhabitants of wireless megapolises – today due to further development of satellite com ey can be seen in countryside in cold regular deserts

in order to become digital nomad n as not necessary to be dedicated traveler or to move from one place to another in common physical sense – no/ major point as to be always plugged to capitalist net through sum sorts of gadget or neural interface

n as x plugging in remaining quote linked in / hooked up which as key factor which determines digital nomad/ culture of d-n as constantly evolving turning into quote universal culture of network society

in sum sense n covers various traditional cultures subcultures absorbs ey like blob

indeed whats ontology – form of existence world view – of digital nomadism which determines x cul­ture social practices

what are anthropological changes resarcs must go through in order to become digital nomads

what are specific characters of digital nomadism culture as of combination of sign systems characterized by certain processes codes media – what determines identity limits of x foul culture

what actual artifacts / mentifacts – description of how cultural traits such as beliefs values ideas take on life of ir own spanning over generations are conceivable as objects in elves – constitute n

what are relations between network society civilization digital nomad mentality on one hand sign systems on other

evil corporations once promoted romanticized image of digital nomads but in reality digital nomads often perceived as system independent freaks geeks – nowadays thanks to development of satellite coms one can meet ey in remote villages rain forests

phenomenon of digital nomadism belongs solely to network information com society

near total technologization of society has led to following contradictions problems of anthropological nature – existential crisis/ compartmentalization distortion of identity/ simulacrization of consciousness/ substitution of real com for virtual/ computer addiction non predictable brain changes under influence of electronic digital technologies/ myths of control of massive information flows so on

utopian scenarios on anthropological changes related to digital nomadism have argued x nomad has particular mission which as to contribute to universal heritage via elf liberation – ey as committed to turning ir life into piece of art instead of to boringly reproducing like / into other humans

x process of turning life into piece of sellable digital art often so violently in quotes creative x sooner or later n leads to nomadic madness – industrial cannibalism consuming everything around n – digital nomads take world make n into mere private backdrop for public theatrical display of elves as symbolic icons of global industry

x need for constant stimulation experiments with different life styles matters intensely to resarcs of digital age as all ir demands must be satisfied here now

so much information in digital world x ey simply do not have enough time to turn n into knowledge – subsequent narrative collapse occurs in which new online content does not require art of internal narration from such person – rather big infinite loop of cultural noise occurs x manifests as digital schizophrenia – total pseudo freedom from time space routine opportunity of elf employment as apparent elf actualization

encoded sets of semantic connections must be encoded decoded identically by all bearers of culture of digital nomadism/ sum pairs of signifiers signifieds among mobile annointed air

the hipster’s dream – where the perfect sunset on another day of successful creative capitalism is shared with friends and a cold craft beer

100 Rabbits: The Hipster’s Dream
  • nomadism – as real virtual mobility
  • interfaces – as mobile devices
  • desert of real – as internet
  • oases – as third -world places cafes public libraries free or cheap wi fi zones
  • virtual fires – as forums meetings in third places
  • originally these codes of digital nomadism were artificial or conventional but gradually have become natural or behavioral – all connected with intellectual cultural mentality of ir global community of oh so faintly detached / smug wankers

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