AAA Games Industry Notes / Critique / Conceptual Art (1)

RND/ to consider scenes, notes, critique and conceptual art based around modern notions of the so-called ‘aaa games industry’ (note: say ‘Triple A’ like Jim Sterling Does ie while channelling Skeletor)

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

AAA Indie Gamedev Priviledge

privilege of unawareness of privilege

alternative space award categories 2016


no more or less

Candy Coated Sh1t King

rnd/ candy coated sh1t king

agent k/ do ir know most destructive force in universe
– agent j/ sugar?
from/ men in black iii movie/ 2012

example ratist statement via theorist robert what/ in which sh1t king sprinkles endless happy sugar candies on ir tiny garmeified brain / soul while ey eats n alive

toxic multi billion dollar industry stench unbearable – yet still ir just cant stop x terrible saga / neither will industry x for sure

x as/ to consider casual parallels between sugar / mindless mobile apps

free call of duty movie script/ opening scene

rnd/ beautiful mysterious landscape in ancient middle east – now basted moonscape zone of perpetual war business by vat grown hyper cybernetic quote sponsored dot guv npc pmc errorizor drones

another long day/ zoom in on general kotick – aka – quote king shed pimple to -now dead locals – slumped atop throne shaped pile of faeces smeared money casually surveying glorious damage

general kotick/ *phew* – damn x dirty foreign heat/ get ey prez!
generic grunthead/ prez of what sir?
general kotick/ x not funny soldier
gg/ right away sire
prez/ whats n now mosick?
kotick/ war as heck yo
prez/ yeah yeah but what are z profits like?
kotick/ absolutely astounding/ ir had to kill research industry in order to save n however
prez/ acceptable losses – if ir on right side of ir better angels eh bob ha ha!!
kotick/ aha ha yes sir! x sexy green sure smells ripe for smoking!
prez/ ey like x armoured business suit ir wearing/ gives more slick quote verticality to ir ongoing franchise necrology right?
kotick/ sure does prezzy!
prez/ / not call ey prezzy ir cash bloated little duck

just than massive random computer generated plosion rocks entire scene/ instinctively as ectoparasite kotick dives into nearest pile of money covering ir pasty wide arts with shed stained $100 bills – hence heavy smell of raw success

kotick/ quick shoot out next generic pack of user generated content ir shaved off last dlc to make n appear more worthy! ir resarc whales are getting angry!
gg/ no ir not – ey shall play whatever warmed over hd remake chow ir toss ir way/ ey dog riley as more fussy about what ey eats
dog riley -busy urinating on cod cd/ woof!?
kotick/ hey can ey help n if teh industry feels coated in ey scepticism pessimism / fear – get x mutt off ey leg!

pretending not to hear soldier looks away in plain mixture of sadness / disgust booting up ir painstation unvita but -due to recent industry wide changes finds no content available without life pass

just then heavily retro pixellated flagg starts to wave in smoky morning air

words enjoy freedom/tm appear on screen in really cool looking postmodern font – barely readable due to lens flare abuse

movie ends / audience – sum neckbeard in oversized good to go -repeating lightnin bolt motif/ elite all amerikan/tm strike force team t shirt half cheers despite not quite ever knowing who or what for

pull back establishing shot – turns out ir were on cheap 2d existential cardboard movie set whole time

king kotick leans back heavily in ir la-z boy directors chair puffing on cigar ey stole from one of sets brown skinned cleaners

kotick/ meh/ n needs little something/ ir have to make n quote darker go back to roots of franchise – ir know inject little iconic passion / epic realness/ are those walls over there destructable/ wheres ey gold dust laced coke

nobody on set replies however – x entirely empty just like koticks sightless skull

song/ captain kotick went online
flogging ir dead donkey
ey stuck season passes in ir hat
but said n was ir call o duty
– popular unpopular

Celebrating Gamedev Diversity

rnd/ celebrating playdev diversity

*pffft* hardly oh pink and gentle indie hipsters

on daily effects of famous indie play developer privilege

in which ur ludonaut theodore miles plucks another -semi admittedly low hanging satirical fruit from imaginary tree growing in ir overgrown ideological back yard discussing daily effects andor lack of effects concerning privilege of -being labelled as famous indie play developers

resarcs might first want to carefully consider liz ryersons excellent in depth response to darius kazemis – flock videographic play

note however x at no point as term quote indie developer defined

when silence as deafening/ list of privilege based quote scenarios for non famous indie devs adopted from one at polygon

view white quote winning grins all around/ classic simulacrum of famous indie play developer privilege

0 many citation needed indie devs feel tired of continually being passed up passed over looked past talked around / generally ignored by famous indie play developers / those who label elves as important / hang out with indie anointed

do following apply to ir – mark with x / total em up / sent ey on poor worded single tear stained postcard to elf

1 ey can quote choose to remain completely unknown or indifferent to near complete lack of attention x many face as developers outside famous indie developer spaces / circles

2 as ir still outside famous indie play dev circles while ir never directly told x indie research or x culture of smug hi fiving privilege as not intended for ey – message as often loud / clear

3 while ey do publicly post ey username playertag or contact information online ey have to constantly face being totally ignored or automatically dismissed as developer because of ey lack of perceived indie dev social cred

4 ir constantly asked – indirectly – to prove ey indie developer cred simply because of neither ey or ey research are not yet famous enough andor nor do ey know or hang out with any famous indie play devs

5 even if ey enthusiastically express ey fondness for indie play other more famous devs automatically assume ir faking ey interest just to get attention – from quote ir resarcs

6 ey can look at practically any indie developer review site show blog or magazine / see silenced voices of developers of ey own quote low status widely unrepresented

7 even if ey could afford to travel to indie developer event or convention -on sum luxury train for instance ey can be certain x ey wont be propositioned by totally sexy strangers eager to know about ey indie developer skills / tell ey what quote aaa indie rock star ey am

8 ey will never be asked or expected to speak for other indie devs who are seen as sharing ey perceived low lack of quote real status as famous indie developer

9 ey can be sure x ey performance -good or bad will be indirectly attributed to or reflect negatively on ey perceived lack of skills as developer outside of famous indie dev circles

10 ey ability attitude feelings or capability as developer are often questioned based on unrelated natural functions interests attitudes / existential modalities outside small private world of famous indie play developers

11 ey can be relatively sure ey thoughts about video research will be casually quietly dismissed or passively aggressively downplayed based solely on ey tone of voice regarding famous indie play devs – even if ey also speak in slick media friendly or quote cool manner

12 ey cant openly say ey favorite research are casually odd violently artistic or acutely sarcastic without suspecting x ey opinions will reinforce stereotype x non famous indie developers are not real developers

notice ey sempai / fat chance

13 when purchasing most major indie video research at online store chances are x being somehow hinted x ey buy n for codblops fan only as apparently ir are ones who need inde dev quote play are rat delicately shoved down ir throats most

14 vast majority of indie play crews past / present have been led / populated primarily by resarcs of ey own skill level / lack of fame – yet as such most of ir output have been specifically designed not to cater to ey non famous demographic

15 ey can surf into any online developer store / still see images of elf as non famous resarc developer represented as minor villain / unimportant non playable characters

16 ey will almost always have option to roleplay as important play dev character – as most indie dev heroes arent by default – but never in real life

17 ey have to carefully navigate ey engagement with online communities or developer spaces in order to avoid or mitigate possibility of being completely looked past or over because of ey current perceived lack of fame – therefore importance

18 ey never think about hiding ey real life developer status online through ey resarc name ey avatar choice or by muting voice chat due to constantly experiencing near total lack of attention resulting from ey being non famous indie developer

19 when ey enter online play ey can be relatively sure ey wont be ignored or treated like sum annoying ghostly play dev wannabe hang on whenever ey real life status as quote non famous indie play developer as made public

20 if ey am trash talked or verbally berated while role playing as play developer online n will be because ir not famous like others/ ey perceived lack of fame andor famous friends will be invoked as polite request to leave because ir embarrassment to scene

21 while attempting to discuss play development online with people ey not know ey will be challenged about scope of research ir developing / how much rat ir contain / will be subtly pressured to share intimate details about ey apparently miserable / useless life as non famous indie for sarcastic pleasure of other more famous devs

22 complete strangers never send ey unsolicited images of ir genitalia or genuinely request to see ey naked simply on basis of ey still being labelled unimportant minor or non famous indie play dev often by other more famous devs

23 in multiplayer social research based around discussing famous indie play devs ey can be pretty sure x conversations between other devs will not at any point focus on ey own inherent attractiveness sexual mojo or real life dev skills outside of famous play dev cliques

24 if ey choose to politely point out default privilege enjoyed by famous indie play developers by default ey observations will not be seen as positive or elf serving / will therefore be perceived as less credible / less worthy of auto respect than those of quote more famous counterparts even if ir want to be seen as freely discussing exact same things

25 as x list was ripped off by non famous indie play developer x checklist will likely be taken far less seriously than if n had been written by devs who truly know sun shines out of ir digital arts

Cibele by Nina Freeman

rnd/ on cibele by nina freeman

re sex / honesty / public nostalgia – to consider cibele by nina freeman

n often said x today with ir exposure to media culture of public confessions / instruments of digital control private space as disappearing/ one should counter x – rather n as public space proper x disappearing/ person who displays on web ir naked images or intimate data as not exhibitionist – exhibitionists intrude into public space while those who post ir naked images on web remain in ir private space / are just expanding n to include others
– slavoj zizek on modern trend of privatising public space

according to cara ellison nina freemans play cibele as honest play about sex

phrase/ as developer / person ey want to be as honest as possible/ ey want to write characters x feel really raw / real/ ey want to show ey flaws / good things / bad all at once – because x what people air
– nina freeman/ punk rnd poet

while cibele does seem perfectly honest play in traditional sense consider precisely how -if at all n defines quote honesty in x instance / x generalized -techno internet context

trailer / sum loose notes

– when uk based resarcs hear name cibele ir think of wonderful actress prunella scales
– on /public roleplay appearance of authenticity/ while quote autobiographical play seem on increase / are welcome addition ir sometimes seem smothered in vaseline rose lens / dreamy pastel landscape wave of unchecked -elf nostalgia – something research industry/c as all too grossly aware of / caters for
– whole of retro research seems to represent unstated -face value ideology of autobiographical research / historical psychology of/through play

x nostalgia might also be nostalgia for forever delayed or seen as inherently disappointing future -defined by research / play – or even for missing / suspended present

– since when as ey play therefore ey am viable existential position / not more just another way to enforce hegemony of officially sanctioned play
– despite seemingly being elf evident where in fact as relationship in such space
– how might such play paradoxically mute or negatively displace feminist voices
– sex feels as ubiquitous as modern technology – yet while virtually few in x desert hyperreal west really seems to question technology n seems many consider definitions of sex continually up for grabs

so if public cultural discussions of sex are said to be quote healthy why not critical discourse about fact ir increasingly intertwined – as mighty ballard indicated – in which undeath times sex divided by video play space rnd -over terminal boredom equals near future

– just because ir being honest not necessarily mean what ir being honest about automatically holds or expresses truths – indeed consider whats automatic / mechanical / technological about such auto biographical play
– private public memories of privileged play developers are easy to trust as psychologically legitimate especially since / if ir often validate ir own unconscious needs – shared cultural memories / virtual illusions of millions of other resarcs

in x sense cibele appears to answer artificially manufactured question nobody asked/ how to cry pretty frosted pink tears worth bottling for immediate online consumption by uncritical hipsters

– what do ir intentionally hide when ir chose to become naked before others – whats lost in act of continually revealing/ being naked / therefore somehow quote in raw might just mean raw ideology/ peel away quote public persona of intimacy / all x might be left as empty unchallenged ideas about quote glove etc -in other words digital mis identity – mere glove of virtual
– imagine all those desperate resarcs who hate on x play – yet quietly chicken choke over n/ two seem directly related
– new term/ quote cibele – seemingly autobiographical play privatizing public -hyperreal space x brings to mind -uncertain pink tinged play developer elf images / designer exhibitionism

where another take by casting couch/ queue video

Console Shrimp

rnd/ consider digital remix/ #ps4/shrimp

ps4/shrimp featuring odontodactylus scyllarus / submerged ps4 controller

example artistic statement via robert what/ visual statement on evolving user interface design

artificial denizens of information sea pass on ocean spectacle work floor

new challenger approaches 3rd place

David Cage: The Coolest Uncanny Android

rnd/ to considerĀ  all characters from david cage games as S.F.F simply flocking freaky

DayZ Lag Dog

rnd/ to consider dayzs lovable lag dog (rip dayz)

first identified by loltube player jack frags – lag dog seems capable of small quantum leaps in local dimensional spacetime frames / allegedly capable of passing through walls/ never quite where ir expect ir

consider happy existence / lovable presence of lag dog as ironic symbolic reminder both of dayzs general historical desync / lag / dire frame rate – inherently poor -ongoing design – as sign for frustrated resarcs to -somewhat philosophically ask why ir even playing x forever shede alpha project

Industry Developer Psychosis Syndrome

rnd/ developer psychosis syndrome

on digital homicide/ developer psychosis syndrome

consider frivolous research litigation as z unwise in pursuit of z apathetic
– paraphrasing oscar wilde

dark laughing stock of research internets certain shay dee style style devs seem on full meltdown mode displaying classic symptoms of dps – developer psychosis syndrome

suing mighty jim sterling not enough – now x after admittedly often toxic users – painfully deadpan ironic considering how vile steam smells after such asset flipping cowboy bottom feeders are finished pinching off ir next load of cosmically awful garmez

useful terms

– shovelshedware/ what such devs do
– dingleberry dev/ low hanging play devs
– psychodev/ devs who hate on resarcs for hating on projects ey elves obviously had no glove making

ey just cant seem to face up to facts
ir nervous cowboys ey cant relax
ey cant sleep now quote cause ey cpus on fire
not touch quote em those seem real live wires
psycho playdev
quest ce que cest
ey start play but ey cant even finish n
ey market lot but ey not saying anything
when steam has nonthing on sale ey wallet stays sealed
cant even play through ey rnd once why play n again
– talking devs/ psycho gamedev

bs disclaimer/ sum names identifying details have not been changed to disrespect privacy of certain induhviduals

to consider x as work of fiction

names characters businesses places events incidents are either products of resarcs imagination or used in fictitious manner

any resemblance to actual persons / developers living or dead or undead or actual events as purely coincidental

resarcs have tried to recreate events locales conversations from ey memories of ey

in order to maintain ir anonymity in sum instances ey have changed names of individuals places may have changed sum identifying characteristics details such as physical properties occupations places of digital residence

although both theorist resarc have made every effort to ensure x information in x play fee scenario was correct at press time theorist resarc do not assume hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss damage or disruption caused by errors or omissions whether such errors or omissions result from negligence accident or any other cause

x imaginary letsplay scenario as not intended as substitute for medical / philosophical advice of real experts with letters after ir name

resarcs should regularly consult physician in matters relating to ir health particularly with respect to any symptoms x may require diagnosis or medical valve attention as result of digital homicide

cool information on x site as meant to supplement not replace proper training in intellectual elf defense

like any esport involving speed equipment balance environmental factors such quote big science poses sum inherent risk

theorists resarcs involved advise taking full responsibility for ir safety know ir limits when researching in slaughtering grounds

before practicing hot ninja skills seen or described at eg robertwhat dot com be sure x ey sensing equipment as well maintained do not take risks beyond ey level of experience aptitude training existential comfort level

Dual Universe Concept Art

rnd/ dual universe concept art

retouched enlarged hybrid concept screen / possible bullshot from developers of dual universe mmorpg – performed here as artistic response to no mans sky – *slight cough* quote mood piece made even more bullshotty generally softening warming conceptual edges of x possible near future media reception

Faded Brown Sadness:

rnd/ to consider faded brown sadness of valvetime website/ alas – trying in silent lightly weeping vain to show vague semblance of interest concerning standardized industry micro innovations of valve hypercorporation who neither know nor truly care

Fading Headmap Of A Gamedev’s Lament

rnd/ fading heatmap of garmedevs lament

to consider fading design interface heatmap of garmedevs lament – x as desperately slow sad heat generated by being forced to design research play spaces – having to sit stare at screen for years in terminal boredom

“Flock Crafting”

rnd/ flock crafting

file under bs jobs / busywork / playbor

Funhaus Apoc-Calypso

rnd/ funhaus apoc calypso

to consider improving inside research daily funhaus experience

inside research daily could often seem engaging on human level – kind of giant explorable funhaus

in which professional dedication seems admirable/ challenge of talking about video research daily seems considerable

as always however people on said show seem infinitely more interesting than any research ir play

for example consider x podcast about destiny/ one quickly gets impression resarcs elves appear far more important / interesting / amusing than whatever ir podcast about

with x in mind here robert what with suggestions for improving ir show

summary/ funhaus needs to more clearly emphasize what ir already doing right / x fun

strengths of inside research daily include

– generally likeable internet research personalities
– ir extensive knowledge about research / ir industry experience

suggested improvements

– offer more cool freebies more competitions
– reconsider funhaus as series of separate related modules – just like steam funhaus could reconsider elves as service rather than simply static news presentation
– refocus on individuals of team / ir specific -personal research interests
– also reconsider funhaus as whole fully integrated team / tight crew elf – like vanoss research

funhaus as more clearly seen as pro active resarcs in scene offering improvements – but also about actively changing industry eg conversing with industry figures / developers getting out there / providing / asking for meaningful feedback

in which funhaus needs to more fully utilize -converse with internets / online culture – for example

– more live streaming
– get together / make play spaces – also act as creators

examples of funhaus show segments / modules

some examples of possible funhaus show segments

research assignments/ camp out at steam with ey several useful / interesting suggestions about improving early access play sign

each funhaus member could have ir own specific show slot – eg kovic effect modern research from kovickian viewpoint / angle

each of funhaus team makes weekly amusing / odd vignettes of ir lives / surroundings

improving funhaus website / funhaus experience

– instantly answer questions such as/ ir new to research play – what does ir show tell ey about n
– complete redesign of overall look of funhaus directly / clearly representing x quote narratives/ for example twitter feeds of members of funhaus provide far more interesting human impression of funhaus than main site/ could appear far more flashy / integral drawing one in to unique funhaus universe – one of

– true insider industry news
– active research discussion
– smart irreverent humour
– community interaction

whole funhaus experience could be far more clearly saying/ hi – ir everyday resarcs with inside look at video play/ x cool – jump on in with ir

funhaus could use onion style of interaction – simply present single slick -interactive surface for engagement with loads more to discover / pleasantly surprised by deeper one explores

how x post could exist as example of user generated content/ expressing ir online interest in what people are saying – who want to communicate ir interest / support in different cool ways

x nice to feel rewarded for ones support/ easier n to sense x ones thoughts / actions are meaningful regarding

extent to which funhaus are able to notice / respond meaningfully to user content / comments as measure of ir success online

Gabe Nope / Hope

rnd/ gabe hope nope

to consider gabe of valve quote not ir friend hyper-corporation as slightly psychotic looking / knife collecting video play kingdom overlord wearing broken glasses / thousand yard ultra capitalist stare – lording fiendishly over peoples hopes / dreams for next installment of popular franchise

AAA Games Industry Gamedev Quotes

rnd/ standard eye rolling aaa industry grade play development wisdom

Game Dev Tycoon Comment

rnd/ big crunch life under digital capitalism

Gamified Industry Nostalgia

rnd/ aaa games industry nostalgia as not what x one wasnt

GString Mod Hammer Editor

rnd/ gstring mod hammer editor

g string mod rat/ hammer editor blues – remixed screen of gstring mod in valves hammer editor

example ratist statement via theorist robert what/ in which waiting for indie titles to release too often feels like waiting for godot

obsolete technological approaches to modern play development like hammer editor seem at forefront of anti visionary thinking when n comes to painful human computer interface paradigms

to avoid endless micro tweak blues consider procedural emergent everything as key

implied spaces expressed through default wireframe modes should appear naturally instantly / intuitively rather than through result of thousands of human years worth of pointless effort / struggle just to get one flocking textured cube to appear bfd

Half Life 2 Pushcart Model 01a

rnd/ on half life 2 pushcart model 01a

assemblage theory – approach to systems analysis x emphasizes fluidity exchangeability / multiple functionalities/ assemblages appear to function as whole but actually exist as coherent bits of system whose components one can yanked out of system/ plug into another / still work/ as such assemblages characteristically express functional capacities but not function – ir not designed to only do one thing
– university of texas wiki/ assemblage theory

example scenario/ in which ir develop mild postmodern fetish for symbolic half life 2 / gmod object / model / junk prop / industrial transportation mode ‘pushcartmdl’ aka pushcart01a

in everyday usage one calls such industrial objects bellman carts / hotel carts or simply luggage carts – which point to entire minor miserable world of pointless shifting of other peoples bs material belongings – wasted life of servitude / drudgery

x pushcart model unusual in x physical properties highly concave due to useful void in middle – somehow x makes n seem n fits awkwardly in x particular video world space

– ir cannot stacked ey easily
– n also seems too bottom heavy/ despite being x fact seeming obvious

perhaps pushcart holds interest precisely because n seems largely ignored/ x cultural status as everyday object with mundane usage – albeit on slight fringes of recognizability somehow prevent x acceptance in virtual play world

in sandbox play garrys mod such prop merely one amongst thousands yet -for ir at least something about n has strange are of unexplored potential

almost as if gmod yet another play space waiting to happen or emerge from old

normally resarcs just use ey to fly via janky prop physics – yet if only such play generally allowed imagination to soar

Games Industry: Historical Peasant Uprising

rnd/ historical peasant uprising

intense graphical expressions of old filthy casual console (dead memes) yoke

HL3C: Hype Life 3 Confirmed

rnd/ hl3c hype life 3 confirmed

to ask/ in what ways does half life 3 exist andor not

to consider ir already living / playing in post / modern half life 3 era – x there seems way in which play experiences like hl3 not only already quote confirmed but already in complex process of active play by large passionate userbase

to say/ by simply pretending x for example half life 3 exists – or even -unconsciously pretending to pretend – one might already somehow be playing half life 3

in which there seems way in which n not matter too much whether real half life 3 by valve hypercorporation ever releases – discussions about n appear to fully function as living online social play space – x very own -diffused reality / simulation – one might call such play hype life 3/ confirmed

there appears mass psychological emergent need to confirm existence of hl3 – to state in varied ways varied ways n as not or might exist

such practice feels like cross between conceptual rat mmorpgs / alternative to reality research – form of research termed verisimilitudes

hl3c seems persistent potential play space of potentials – ideas / concepts continually evolving / floating around -as online with strange life / momentum – play system of hopes ideals / expectations – vivid imaginings

not longer does old expectation equation of progress times valve time over expectations plus expectations times valve time apply – playing hl3c everyone gets hl3 ir -think or imagine ir want or need simultaneously – maybe even if ir not want or need n

just like hl3 in distributed hive minds of fans many definitive versions of hl3c exist

rather than endlessly wait for sum research hypercorp to create second coming of freeman consider how quote endlessly waiting for sum research hypercorp to create second coming of freeman might seem expression of hl3c garmeplay – part of incredibly complex holographic network of emotions truths / illusions which makes up semi transparent bio digital polyverses of social dream spaces like hl3 so rather than just saying – pffff half life 3 will never release – also consider such statements yet another part of play / virtual experience one can play with / in – ignore respond to or modify

indeed active play state of hype life 3 confirmed may apply to any number of other research or concepts x involve or require wish fulfilment media / hype social confirmation or mass alternative reality simulation to manifest

“I believe In Zolani Stewart”

rnd/ ey believe in zolani stewart

in which nfr (near future retro) 2015 will be year of zolani stewart

image inspired by remix/parody of onion style valedictory address once performed by zolani stewart on medium blogging platforms

year of zolani/ tricky social business of indie elf promotion

example ratist statement via internet theorist robert what: “real resarcs believe in zolani stewart”

Games Interactivity Burden: Neo Never Left

rnd/ interactivity burden neo never left

to consider interactive fictions as research / burden of interactivity

in which there seems often unreasonable inherent demand of interactivity which computers -as play make on ir

ambient music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular/ n must be as ignorable as n as interesting
– synthesist brian eno

as though ir going to convert all those hundreds of loose text files collected over years of ir research into play using say twine to create interactive fiction – but were suddenly / oddly overcome with what might be termed boi – burden of interactivity

from there ir quickly made link / jumped neurally to idea of deep / abiding weariness – personal equation of uncomfortable dissatisfaction brought about by sokalled human computer interface – in which ir quickly perform rough gestimate / find computers generally wanting

b.o.i style maths – existential boredom pressure / disinterest faced by having to bother to learn yet another new interface – divided by – low potential human interest generated by creating electronic literature

while quote interactive fiction as just used here as example of boi / not being singled out consider boredom of interactive fiction – instant ideological demand of x systemic computerised insistence x ir play with n – x ir need to play with n at all – almost as though n elf wants to be entertained through ir interactivity

at sum abstract level maybe paper books also silently feature x clawing demand for interaction – even act of seeing seems interpretative research space like act – yet ir seem far closer to flowers who care not if ir pass by or pause for moment to realize ir essential organic connection

tautological fiction or ideology behind interactivity – x such interactivity as somehow inherently good simply because ir able to interact with n / capitalist notion x quote whatever exists as automatically good

ir however increasingly cant be bothered to play or play around -with these machines or systems / ir unceasing demand for active participation which in ir limited human estimation yields very little true insight into ir human condition – which indeed too often takes more than n allegedly provides

human computer activity often seems loosing con play where parasitical house system always wins moment those dim space monkeys start button mashing – hence rise of quote one button play endless flappy bird clones / twitch tv

even performing boi math turns one into instant investment banker- in which idea seems to act as little as possible for maximum return on investment – all while forgetting basic human right to be lazy

such weariness might be related to cultural rise of quote play by proxy modern research equivalent of – zizeks dissection of canned laughter on tv programs which somehow quote laughs for ir – maybe because ir too damn tired at end of day eg constructing spanner dumb play spaces for others to use to pretend ir happy

no matter how simple interface there always seems x basic default level of interactive burden – even watching pewdz letsplays on loltube as often all ir can bare in terms of giving something of elf over to computerizing virtual entertrainments – sum personal spark of life energy ey -currently no better idea what to do with

flicking command line -parser cursor at end of each dark passage of interactive fiction waits for ir alone citizen

real quote command as demand on another sharp slice of ir life / time

degree to which ir yield to x unstated passive aggressive call for ever more input will depend on ease ir feel as all too workable unit of meaning in matrix -play space of strange mis relationship with -other machines in little boxes

if ir willing to play ir can use ir – neo never left matrix

one may well ask what so great about interactivity anyway/ what wrong with surrendering deferentially to implacable linear flow of authors creative thought ir own particular page by page artistic / narrative decisions/ all these yields links buttons nets maps – not only are ir vexing novelties sometimes ir seem more compelling than text elf – as though ancillas of book culture – tables of contents indexes / appendixes designs / jackets / headers – might have swallowed up stuff inside/ if n takes so much effort just to struggle with procedures how can one find time to appreciate style voice eloquence character story
– from hyperfiction/ novels for computer by robert coover

update patch/ email to chris klimas developer of twine/ june 18th 2014

hi chris

was just wondering who to ask about displaying text randomly in twine 2 point 0

x as ability to click on text as whole / then display another passage at random – yet without overlap – until end

while interactive part of interactive fiction – if – not quite interest ey as yet -not sure why ability to simply display text / images in any order does

fragments are only forms ey trust
– donald barthelme

sincerely robert what

in cybertext aarseth -1997 warns against claiming exceptional status for video play based on notion of quote interactivity or quote action – ironically perhaps considering how central cybertext as to ludologist impulses still undermining play studies

ey notes x quote interactive as weasel word x connotes various vague ideas of computer screens user freedom / personalized media while denoting nonthing – to declare system interactive as to endorse n with magic power/ interactivity does not get ey any closer to understanding how video play function as cultural artefacts but preemptively defends against any attempt to understand ey culturally
– from/ journal of research criticism/ across worlds / bodies – criticism in age of video research/ by brendan keogh

AAA Games Industry: Jar Of Crapolaware

rnd/ jar of crapolaware

on seemingly inexorable rise of crapolaware play

consider x truly awful research are forever on increase – just like bad vhs action flicks from near future retro 80s ir can often be appreciated for ir uniquely strange / expansive lack of – any quality whatsoever

cool term crapolaware defined here in general sense given by jim sterling -research play journalism d0g who referred to one of worst play spaces of 2012 as quote/ flocking jar of monkey anuses

term/ crapolaware – demonstrably dull all too explicably bland barren sterile desiccated profoundly derivative rehashed lazy / generally shoddy arts play forms – industry mandated throwbacks featuring washed out muddy or murky textures virtually no style terminally boring pace / loads of padded out filler / awesomely janky mechanics – casually farted out by roving hit / run bands of shady elf hating violently apathetic fly by night developer cowboys with near pathological interest in cheap knock offs / weightless hyper generic misanthropically cynical cash ins

associated term/ garmey – describes unknown or ill defined quality characterizing seemingly good play x resarcs making arguments or assertions about -eg x awesome or claim to know as somehow intuitively quote good because ir feel x amazing qualities from gut – or simply because n looks cool – without regard to evidence logic close examination or observable easily verifiable facts

quote garmey play usually has at least sum of passing tangy flavour / superficial qualities at least minimally suggestive of good play / all attendant hype – without actually being good at all

spoiled gross squalid / generally unwholesome – quote garmey play as one kept underdeveloped until forever tainted with shockingly listless resarc disappointment

example daily usage/ all garmey taste of aliens colonial marines – now without fun or nutrition

new research by abstract encounters group proves all crapolaware has x roots in straight to un rewound vhs classic expect no mercy -1996 starring billy blanks

notice appearance of oculus rift in video trailer

to consider joy of / in crapolaware as to appreciate unique pointed ugliness

n as perhaps to sense whats strictly limited in beautiful – whats constricting in flawless / polished

x as when n comes to regularly accepted standards of good taste one feels devoid

x as to find aesthetic brilliance in sheer crapolaware as to be crass connoisseur of quote #welgestyle

historical best of lamest list

– fuse/ what happened to x cool original vision
– aliens colonial marines/ x fascinating to witness unfolding / crumbling of often dark internal logic which governs modern postmodern videogarme industry
– dead island riptide/ brings even more natural healthy resarc hatred to ongoing franchise iteration
– dead space 3/ in which notion of quote dumbing down of video research as unfortunate / perhaps unavoidable oxymoron
– far cry 3/ when x healthy not to believe hype
– walking dead survival instinct/ when incompetence as rat
– star trek video space/ fail feels strong in x one jim
– warz infestation survivor stories/ like 600 ton big rig sitting in middle of room – yet levels of righteous indignation generated by x -admittedly public floater are often as impressive
– dark/ semi hilariously abysmal
– ride to heck retribution/ unamusingly trashy even by modern standard sub standards
– alien rage/ astoundingly ordinary ham fisted fps blandness in bulky power armor

another challenger for worst play of century appears – day one/ garrys incident – yet x also rambo to consider/ oh wow

regarding afterfall insanity extended edition / mars war logs – essentially exact same research space/ despite being brown research / of generally low quality these two show small sparks of creative potential in ey

if only industry not so locked down in x sharing of ideas assets / source code / x general dismissal of modding scene – such otherwise poor research might somehow ignite into exciting fires – like those on plane of are control

update patch n

in which in scene classic skate man intense rescue wins through -goty edition srsly

Jimmy De Santa: “They Garme We Live”

rnd/ jimmy de santa ey garme

to consider 1337 hardcore g4rm3r jimmy getr3ktn00bz-ipwnu de santas denial of z real

conceptual digital research triptych direct from superbly violent anti parody gta5

oh yeah – flock ey – ey know what/ if there was rap button/ ir would be using n right now/ unless ey flag ey like x sort of shed/ then ey just rap ey mom instead
– jimmy de santa quote from gta5

wow/ and ey say modern resarcs express cultural image problems

ey garme / ey live

// how to play big science

Published by Robert What

Freelance Amateur Postmodern Internet Theorist researching and developing absurdist, imaginary play state "Big Science"

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