A Work In Progress: GTA6 Metaverse VR Leak Screenshot Art

RND/ To consider the new GTA6 videogame as leaked screenshots from Metaverse VR:

3840 x 2160 .jpg

To notice such Eurojank style graphical aesthetics, with their programmer’s debugging command prompts and headups – visible lines of energy flow, indications of movement and inner structural mechanics – a host of normally hidden pathways. It’s like what an Artificial Intelligence ‘sees’ (/while having just run over a child at a red traffic light before driving a Tesla into a brick wall at a buck ten.)

If only there was a game as ugly as this, that’s as ‘quickly’ built as this seems, but is actually honest and fair – in that an inherently evil videogame hypercorporation hasn’t crunched it’s workers half to death for mega profits. While it’s always what you don’t see that hurts you, such a leak can at least potentially symbolize the nasty and exploitative ideology of Work, constantly grinding under the grand Global Ludocapitalist Spectacle. Lines, pointers, indications of misery under all the enforced Fun(TM.) Probably it’s the gamedevs who will suffer, as stans bitching about the state of leaked pre-alpha(!) footage misdirect toxicity away from their beloved corporate overlords.

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