A Study Of The Light In BBC TV Series The Chinese Detective

RND/ To consider a study of the light in awesome BBC TV police procedural drama series The Chinese Detective 1981-1982.) Starring the hugely talented David Yip.

Professional Duffer Edward Ruthven: Nice view of the Themes.. Manly we was in those days. We had dignity of race. Undiluted. You know what I mean? We didn’t have you lot. We didn’t have more Zulus here than in Zimbabwe. In those days you could get a night at the pictures, a pint of beer, a cup of whelks and fill the tank on a Brough Superior –

Detective Sargent John Ho (interrups): – And still have change out of half a crown.

Edward Ruthven: How did you know I was going to say that?

John Ho: Because you’re a boring old fascist.

Edward Ruthven: *harrumps indignantly*

– The Chinese Detective, SO2E01 (Trials)

Outstanding levels of classic faded UK grey / green / beige anti-life and stifling existential blandness on display here. Direct from the Near Future Retro 70’s. Man, the sheer amount of outright, cheerful, institutionally racist bullshit and constant micro-aggressions the main character had to put up with. – And the sagging ‘sigh what-is-it-now’ face of his cosmically useless and dangerously idle police partner Sargent Donald Chegwyn (aka Captain Reticence.) Brilliant viewing. I wish there were another forty episodes.