Why Is (/Post) Modern Art So Bad? with Sad Aesthetic-Relativist Background Drowning Music

RND/ to consider the classic “Why Is [/Post] Modern Art So Bad?” with sad drowning music

First, start the background track:

How play this sodden intellectual potato:

As a direct result of this tear-inducing motivational mashup, imagine internet theorist-for-hire Robert What now follows several iron laws of quality art:

  1. To avoid the silly, pointless, and purely offensive – and produce work of Genuine Merit
  2. To demand the highest standards of excellence, improve upon the work of previous masters – and thus prevent falling standards
  3. To aspire to the Highest Quality Available™
  4. To never stop questioning whatever darkly laughable Trumpverse it is, from which entire populations of ultra right wing fart huffing shit-gibbons find such astoundingly rusted-spanner dumb videos remotely educational

// how to play big science

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