Hypertography One Exhibit: Videogame Capitalism and its Existential Threat

RND/ To consider the notion of “Hypertography”: The state of ‘Videogame Capitalism’ and its existential threat; an exhibit of conceptual images expressing and highlighting such a state

Lab notes for this exhibit available here: hypertography-one.zip


Hypertography One: Loot Crate Zero

The net’s largest single person curated & edited 4K screenshot / ‘noclip’ exhibit; at flickr.com/photos/robertwhat/albums

Smoking Snakes: Mythical Origins Of Hypertography

Hypertography – AAA Game Industry Critique

List of individual hypertographic ‘AAA Game Industry’ Critique Exhibits on this site:

60 fps/ 100 rabbits/ aaa games industry notes / critique / conceptual art 1 – (part 2) / abstract encounters/ after reset/ a hallucinatory resemblance/ aliens colonial gamedev/ anthem/ art research/ codblops/ connor/ crossy road/ csgo/ dayz/ detroit/ doom/ dr langskov/ elder scrolls/ everything/ filename1/ fistful of frags/ games as art/ games on tv/ genocide dolphins/ glitch/ gone home/ half life 2/ halo lament/ her story/ hudson valley ruins/ industry/ inside/ islands/ let it die/ life is strange/ mass effect/ metal gear survive/ miami traffic/ minecraft/ mirrors edge comic/ narcosis/ no identity/ no mans sky/ pathologic skyrim/ pokemon selfie/ polygons equals emotions/ quantum break goty/ realism/ resident evil/ rifts/ rubicon/ rust/ shenmue/ skate man/ star citizen/ the beginners guide/ the surge/ the witness/ this mod is dead/ welgestyle

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