The State of New Void Amerika

RND/ so welcome to N.V.A – New Void Amerika: a ‘dark paradise’ celebration

NVA: New Void Amerika

New Void Amerika (RAP)

Special delivery of naturalized bigotry/ cash on delivery/ whiplash injury from sensational delivery/ avoid the misery of synthetic modern history – a medical inquiry into self inflicted injury

New Void Amerika, economic chimera
Sum over histories, maximum hysteria
Calculate the odds of urban survival
Hit the streets running, dead on arrival
Chaos equation/ trippin on new media
Understanding bypassed, look it up on Wikipedia
Surveillance drone, gotcha lookin out the window
Turn the volume up son, get back to that Nintendo
Vietnam never ended – the war was born at home
Better watch that shareprice, choke on bloody foam
Where everyones a winner – pimps that carry chrome
Bread n circus internet/ spreading like a rhizome
– N.V.A, DJ Fehler feat. Rob What (Orloff Records 2018)

// how to play big science