The Real VR Void Future

RND/ consider an obvious mashup between oh-so standard gushing / uncritical industry promo interview for V.R “Hyper-Reality” Studio “The Void” – and passable synthetic retro 80s cheesefest horror flick “The Void

The Real V.R. Void Future

In which the blandly predictable / pedestrian symbolic link iz: that the near future of V.R lies [sad and alone] precisely in the speculative low budget cosmic crowd funded tenticular horror hyperreality of “The Void” movie – with of course a family friendly Waypoint style churnalistic / industry “Black Mirror” cult spin to keep it all P.C

Even the trailer for the movie feels like a somewhat embarrassingly redundant C.V.R (Cthulhu-V.R horror) ‘experience’ one might get free with a new cheap holographic smart phone

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