What Creative Computer Graphics

rnd/ robert what creative computer graphics?:

to consider x imaginary play state scenario / virtual oldskool gfx emulator – in which/ by simply playing with x idea space/ find yourselves actively taking part in experimental journey to unpack meanings of “creative computer graphics”

note – imaginary games are those ey pretend to play / played with or via imagination

example context

robert/ what are creative computer graphics?

indeed – small conceptual rat ie/ playing with ideas project to engage with notions/ assumptions regarding (eg)

  • ongoing (/mis) relationships between digital art/ global hyperreal capitalism/tm
  • humans/ ir odd computer design interfaces – tools/ strange methodologies
  • artificial natures of modern creativity

to consider there was somehow startling beauty andor refreshingly naive techno utopianism at play /work felt while browsing certain strange offline books featuring eg ‘those cool, deliciously abstract/ distinctly non-photorealistic oldskool gfx’ – like first time someone watched tron on deliberately lo-fi vhs suddenly sensed neon-dmt tinged near futures / procedural emergence of critical cyberspaces

rat aka images-as-culture-remix-process presented here in nonlinear fashion from easily found torrent – based on common liquid internets info sharing principles “what’s online is already here” / “what’s online stays there”

artistic tools used in x project include crappy gimp software – frames/ paper texture/ chromatic aberration/ white balance/ 3d object overlay

shouts outs to annabel jankel/ rocky morton/ everyone at rameshwari photocopy service delhi

x rnd project compiled for purposes of philosophical critique/ historical data archiving / conservation/ dissemination of public knowledge / delight – not to be sold for profit but shared for free as in libre inspiration in open spirits of collaborative scientific aesthetic investigation which produce such wonderful graphical art which would otherwise go unknown/ unappreciated

// how to play big science