Cyberpunk Is Dead: A Study

to consider / imagine cyberpunk as dead: a study

quote/ funny how adherence to cyberpunk – genre based around future ideas of rebellion / non conformity – so often elves conforms rabidly to cliché
– yahtzee on cyberpunk

rnd/ authentic cyberpunk

in which deadpan yoke seems nothing remotely like any kind of authentic cyberpunk ever existed – just x ghostly simulacrum floating strangely / somewhat uselessly inside hyper specific subset of global sci fi literature ghetto

rnd/ burn cycle neuropink

in which such awesome environments/ though not drawn in greatest of detail/ morph smoothly from one to next as main generic sci fi character navigates through corrupt decaying city of future in impossibly antiquated quicktime vr type effect

rnd/ deposit for courier

to consider post cyberpunk cheddar in deposit for courier

in which deposit for courier animation by edward mavskegg represents theoretical bleeding edge of post cyberpunk aka neuropink

in terms of new potential aesthetic for video play designers some cool dftc features

  • dat hot steaming #welgestyle
  • haute couture realities /kardashianity
  • minimal narrative investment /aka quote syntactically correct but semantically meaningless
  • high resolution /odd texture fetish
  • uncanny valley elective surgery / bogdanovization
  • limited skeletal expression / lightly harring animation

x seems remarkably similar in x bizarre aesthetic mis construction as new reckoning could arguably have been thrown together by same cool state of #welgestyle development

synopsis alone as worth price of strange admission for x tagline grammar syntax punctuation

quote/ described as film about how money would look in future what future payment methods would be in practice x film also uniquely addresses issue of womens shopping passion in conditions of chase – animation story line set with in year 2050 revolves around intriguing chase from one city to another/ with lead character young woman cyclist employed as courier in advertently found strange navigation device in desert/ upon closer inspection n was discovered device contained suitcase with money/ plot thickens however unknowingly to ir courier realizes two bandits following money too/ realizing x suitcase as now on move bandits chases money cyclist through small city so decide to explore x city find cyclist/ succumbing to ir passion for shopping having found all x money cyclist became gangs new target/ according to story characters live in world of future together with futuristic robots bots devices around different places shops hotels/ x short animated movie as targeted to audience who like to watch animated short films animated movies short cg films cg computer generated rat viewers who like sci fi genre detective fiction experimental rat / rat film independent film

wow – according to x creators deposit for courier already has what some resarcs call special atmosphere meaning n will be without background music with accents on silence/ such details make for very catching film says director edward adding film will be posted online after completion

x short animated movie as targeted to audience who like to watch animated short films animated movies short cg films cg computer generated rat viewers who like sci fi genre detective fiction experimental rat / rat film independent film oh yeah

rnd/ cyberpunk 2077

la has changed lot during x time
air got dirty/ sex got clean
– angelo pappas/ point break 1991

in which even ghosts of 80s give neon side eye shade – squeaky clean with aaa polish / dead chrome shine – in which design by ir dads oh so edgy virtual golfing committee results in deep near future retro 80s designer copy pasta ultra violence

x seems about as edgy as a pink mohawk on some crossfit hipster sporting expensive gold sweatshop trainers/ someone mild cough real authentic cyberpunks could casually neck punch right over coffee store tables as easily as breathing megacity exhaust fumes

to watch as young dumb mega corporate fanbois who grew up without cyberpunk only hearing about x yesterday ffs through eg flocking lolmemes lap x shed right up like some damn industry installed f2p skull implant – gg uber alles ok right fine open ir art cracks wide in public displays of willful uncriticality/ but whats good about x if based on super generic ideas repeated till zombie undeath – just with incrementally nicer generic gfx upgrades / better framerates aka shrinkwrapped standard substandards

in which x has to be good because x merely exists aka capitalist realism 101 – hey how very more actually cyberpunk

both cyborg billy fanward / retro wave show more interesting ideas than such generic anti weird mainstreaming/ good grief at least get mitch murder to perform soundtracks

nearby public information klaxons suddenly blare/ nothing too much to see here citizens move on oh ir have already forgotten

rnd/ william gibson on cyberpunk gta 2077

in which bill doesnt seem to dig cyberpunk 2077s art direction or design ideology – rich/ considering bill seems somehow more directly responsible for whole sad little sub scene

yet watch out for potential death by karmic irony bill/ considering ir were once wandering around wide eyed on set of johnny mnemonic flick extolling endless virtues while gushing over x neon excess

if only modern synthetic cyberpunk would knowingly turn x own historical mode of garish cheesy camp up to eleven in order to feel more authentically synthetic / strange

rnd/ dredd 2012

to consider critical comparison / contrast with cyberpunk 2077 – zero degree cool corporate single resarc fps rpg manufactured via witcher developer cd project red

rnd/ cyberpunk is dead

to consider cyberpunk as dead/ sub genre of plain bad scifi badness mixed with cliche film noir x brand of fiction presents resarc with future composed of overwhelming technology universal computer access via quote cyberspace designer violence

as movement of new synthetic 80s x based on spiraling greed growth of mega corporations so big ir more powerful than governments/ but then near future now as soon to arrive again up till x point n seems reasonable enough/ afterwards of course n will once again became mere idle speculative fantasy/ most frequently dystopian n has become heavily calcified in x official aesthetic definition ie as mere hyper generic can of something internet edge lordy anyone can instantly spray on

cyberpunk defines elf as story of people in age where ey dont matter anymore/ where technology has made ey obsolete as discrete entities constant daily rediscovery of quantifed self during x paradigm shift shifts strains/ in classic supermarket novel neuromancer by william gibson x as evidenced in overwhelming hopelessness of all characters – of ir constant struggle to survive ir own efforts to glory in self destruction – whirlwind inferno burning inwards

cyberpunks use of implanted machines – of merging of humanity with machinery of capitalist science as so wide idea x cyberpunks forget to look around/ machines implants are be all end all of awfulness of sci fi/ x entirely logical pathological obsession with technology as to be read as core strength of genre/ probably one reason x creators like to declare n undead because while ey are acutely embarrassed to be removely associated with n ey are secretly pleased as pigs in shed

cyberpunk as dystopian meaning apparent opposite of utopia/ as bad as things are at beginning ey are always predictably worse by end for pretty much everybody except of course titular heroes of said sci fi pulp/ cyberpunk also utterly deliberately fails to address issues of humanity losing to machines of alienation from ones fellow resarc of death of love honor of annihilation of soul in face of relentless technological progress/ cyberpunk themes are depressing when good happy when badly written

in x sub genre human beings are connected to computers ir own reflexes only relevant to ir ability to steer around nets in competition with other computer security systems these hacker crackers are trying to break into/ most of these people have skull jacks simple plugs wherein really expensive computer cable connects directly to skull thereby user becomes organic component to system of global computation

cyberpunk as now popularized by nerdy pink skinned mirrorshades group during 1980s when cold war was going strong big blue was on top world looked to become place where everyone worked for mega corporations had become feudal in nature/ then berlin wall fell genre went with n but like wall x ghostly memory shell remains/ mutant child of 80s saw x rampant zombification all cyberpunk fiction today as result of such mainstreamed hackwork/ simple undead momentum keeps n going now

while originally proposed as cool post modern mode of science fiction x took resarc out of halls of power culture into slums back alleys of twenty minutes into near future without really leaving ey cyberpunk as ritualized stultified deeply undying/ x vaguely fun while n lasts people still write flan fiction in genre but most quietly move on – nobody discusses cyberpunk at sophisticated cheese wine parties except when ir doing lines of dmt spiced chocolate crack in toilets want to appear groovy

further weakened by x own popularity efforts to bend imagery technologies of genre to more publishable popular ends attempts at suicide by mundanity are regularly attempted/ at parties annoyingly nasally voiced author bruce sterling still repeatedly refers to ir colleagues very public obituary to genre on ny times editorial page ir reasoning appears sound

as genre of rigid rules best source for such cultural writing / coding as from cyberpunk 2020 source books which as role playing play of insignificant popularity these days among those with interest in rpgs who anally read gibsons neuromangler over over again/ working from established set of magical technologies to work with for use in ir settings/ watch as ey willfull read into n timelines x apparently predict all events for next coming 20 minutes/ obviously things dont quite happen like x but modern cyberpunk flan fictioners of all shades are careful in ir public attempts to realign n with reality – indeed ir success in un/living suspended withn x very cognitive gap or reality dysjunction marks ey out as true cyberpunks

according to x proponents cyberpunk as word applicable to whatever user wants n to be which results in absence of meaning or over abundance of real fake plastic meanings/ to define n as to ostracise oneself which makes n more akin to random bowel movement in chemical toilet of crashing plane rather than just pseudo philosophy or actual setting/ cyberpunk as undead but n still seems neat practice area for expansion explusion of dodgy ideas

further false problems in sub genre result from fascination with unrewound vhs flick hackers – directed by iain softley/ starring jonny lee miller angelina jolie jesse bradford matthew lillard/ holy balls what shed fest x was – so before dousing elf in garish cyberpunk graffiti covered concrete consider value of rooftop megacity farmholds with satellite dishes 3d printing quantum cryptocurrencies in vr/ there are greater stories to be told x just matter of telling ey outside of cyberpunks massive ever expanding mainstream reality bubble

apparently while cyberpunk likes to tell elf x not really about nukes big space wars but about betrayal jealousy self destruction – saying x such things separate n from big encompassing messes of traditional scifi return n to more common man level – x deep essential obscession with technology as designer utopian dystopia or dark paradise as skake plisskin calls n still mark n out as apparently universal all encompassing ideologically like in 20s fascist italy with futurists ranting raving about sound of thundering internet lolmemes endless cat gifs

some typically cyberpunk technologies once fetishized by cyberpunks include

– ai/ artificial intelligence computers or apparently self aware software which somehow likes to imagine x x alive/ as ey can be of any scale ey are presumed to be superintelligent infinitely wise due to rate at which ey think/ ais take on dog like significance in cyberpunk able to grant wishes punish immorality reveal great secrets etc/ often ey are in process of being hunted to extinction since wild ais are considered threat to equally dumb synthetic intelligence of human space chimps

– air cars/ jet engine with ducted thrust cockpit to fly with usually armored with some crew or weapons capacity/ picture gunship without rotor blades or tail ir have got idea/ very popular used lot in x genre by rich execs mega corporate security forces

– big flocking guns/ mostly handguns with computer links massive bullets with enormous power computer aided targeting as basically hit anything seen/ every gun as considered to be at least twice as powerful as biggest guns today so shooting through concrete block walls as quite reasonable/ makes for nice cgi effects if nothing else/ lots of ey are submachine guns while others are hand / duck cannons

– ultra borgs/ powerful combat robots with human brains – see robocops for perfect example – which have tendency to go berserk kill everything which in oh so predictable fits of cyber psychosis/ cyberpunks once fun stories used to abscess about killing or fleeing overwhelmingly armed armored machines/ like some kind of intense techno sexual fetish

– hacking intertubes like johnny lee miller in movie hackers/ in every cyberpunk story theres pale skinned hacker ey – x always ey – steers through graphical 3d representation of internets hacks super computers with ir moderne panther like reflexes like playing flocking awful 90s video play or some retro shed

– monoblades/ blades so thin sharp x ey will cut through anything ey touches from flesh to steel to concrete with virtually zero resistance/ in cyberpunk hero must at some point slash someones arms off along with half ir gun then cut apart various bits of nearby structural support for large existential explosion kinda deal

– nanorobotics/ tiny machines submicron scaled often used for very small scale construction of models of megacities for artistic purposes which fit neatly on skulls of passing pinheads/ particularly of chips or surgery in humans/ programmable reproducing post silicon based life built in lab/ some live on sugars needed vanishingly small trace elements like irony to live/ considered one of final technologies of ir bland idiot species

– photo camouflage/ suit of special snazzy videographic fabric x displays image of whats around n so x wearer as effectively invisible/ utilizes room temperature superconductors

– six star space resorts/ orbiting palaces commonplace for rich aristocracy/ naturally x requires privately owned space shuttles like large yachts which are flown from earth to orbit or from one station to another/ design of orbiting stations involves rotation for centrifugal force which acts like gravity/ if ey choose to include antigrav artificial gravity ey can build like star trek types or ey can work with zero gee use genetic engineering to explain peoples health/ earth to cyberpunks use ey judgement

sprawls/ core dead idea of cyberpunk as urbanization of entire eastern seaboard from maine to florida inland to chicago kansas city houston/ everything as declared city/ growth rates arent x high but x mythology of genre/ with zones of apparent development endless prosperity come zones of decay corruption so ey get lots of eye rollingly predictable interplay/ there are also islands of wilderness backwaters where some people are reputed to live but mostly these get used as toxic waste dumps preserves for dead zombie /cyberpunk media – everyone seems to live in cities

cyberpunk/ collection of pull down menu gimmicks from z underscore grade screenwriters hack/ing program/ now must be burned out of ir collective deep collective cultural memory cores/ neuromancer as pure literature cheese/ not realizing x seems sad in extreme

in which cyberpunk started out as unfashionable subset of science fiction showing high technology apparently subverted – though more merely championed – by opportunists on margins of decaying society for profit/ paradigm was william gibsons highly successful airport novel neuromancer pulpy near future thriller about computer hackers artificial intelligence mega corporate warfare set in neon raining cities of tomorrow or some shed

what cyberpunk repeatedly says n has going for x idea x technology does not have to be intimidating/ resarcs in ir teens respond powerfully to n/ ey are tired of hearing how ir home computers are no longer tempting ey into crime – copy x floppy junior – how few hacks into local university to change ones grades might not undermine western civilization/ ey want such private techno fictions x speak to synthetic sense of digital joy dark power x computers give ey / force on ey

first generation x spent entire lives in / as computers games dont see computers as threats but merely as toys/ computer generated realities just enhancement of massive collective games of imagination played online – because neuromancer was not just isolated phenomenon/ gibson was part of perceived group of writers with bruce sterling rudy rucker john shirley became movement/ sterling reinforced x notion declaring x old stale futures of science fiction were dead but all along n was ey who were already long undead stunningly obsolete

here back in early near future retro 80s such writers still feel x ey are movement simply because five of ey exchange lot of letters phone calls using modern technology x interfaces/ ey believe x science fiction needs to take x cues from present computer technology corporate power structures chinese style economic ascendency rather than mid century pipe dreams of galactic federations/ but by as little as 20 minutes in cyberpunk has fully come what n was all along – violent cliche which cannot be escaped/ hence resarc henry swansons classic code phrase quote/ ey death will be like bad science fiction

other writers have turned formula into form/ implanted wetware biological computer chips governed remotely by multinational corporations consisting of street wise leather jacketed anal amphetamine loving protagonist clones with pale skins jerking in / around on decayed orbital colonies

of course such embarrassing natural developments lead number of cyberpunks to proactively declare movement undead/ cyberpunk in x incarnation has used technology as end in elf therefore gained x original impulse seeing western technological development as holy ordained inevitable all powerful overwhelmingly positive – in cool designer negative quote punk way of course

ironically as term cyberpunk fast gains potential meaning x escaping virus enters successfully subsumes mainstream where n thrives quite happily/ clifford stoll uses term cyberpunks in ir best selling ebook cuckoos egg to describe computer users/ avant garage composers of digital real – precisely because theres nothing remotely dangerous or threatening about cyberpunk x newfound popularity as revealing/ showing obsession with material goods technical engineered solutions to fake problems

pop cultures sick fascination with cyberpunks design by committee bleak vision reflects national need for bleeding edge spiritual values/ new age bookstores are doing roaring trade in dark crystals self help nanomachine implant manuals/ people are joining virtual cults neo pagan technology consumer communes/ newsweek recently devoted cover story to resurgence of artificial intelligence based religion among young amerikans/ asking how do ir keep ir families together – how does industry deal with rapidly falling rates of addiction to alcohol drugs tobacco sex – what as ir place in chaotic world ir enjoy flocking up for seeming want of much else to do/ why more huge floating holographic billboards other neon based visual cliches of course aka cyberpunk

todays cyberpunk doesnt just answer these questions/ n offers power fantasies dead end thrills in x own name – via near future classic holographic tv movies like vr rambo vs aliens/ n gives nature up for dead accepts violence greed as inevitable promotes cult of lone star youtuber

for those waiting in vain for new literature of compassion – contemporary not only on technological but also emotional level – cyberpunks show real price x must be paid for fake solutions to imaginary problems – n sees computer not only as convenient enemy god but also as useless tool for human purposes meaning/ x somehow x as attitude ir need to get ir all truly functioning as dysfunctional droids deep into nth century prime

now x acquired x nice harmless handy mainstream label x cringy rep cyberpunk as generous open handed effort very street level designer anarchic with do n elf attitude ethos n shares with garage band punk music/ essentially one page techno capitalist propaganda organ with multiple tubes given away free to anyone who asks for n/ form of biopiracy actively encouraged

such cheap truths seem earnest egalitarian attempt to avoid any personality cultism or cliquishness/ cyberpunk deliberately mocks established genres urging every soul within earshot to boot up video play engine join cause/ yet n has laudable grasp of basics x truisms dwell on trivialities of sf as career lifestyle – daily grind in old baloney factory/ despite industry hype snappy slogans like cyberpunk are met with much same indifference to those resarcs simply too young parochial to pay much attention what n has to offer/ cultural terrain has changed x makes lot of indifference/ cyberpunks apparently honest technological literacy seems exhilarating but disquietingly ecstatic in x smooth corporate dreadfulness/ cyberpunk as only quote weird in sense ey dad talked about those grungy middle class punk friends ey used to hang out near – which still obscures basic underbaked simplicity of x theory practice

cyberpunk wants to make out x instant cult/ even generational contemporaries who sympathizes with much of x cheap rhetoric want to be seen as distrusting cult elf because those are x very core rules/ n takes shockingly little to become standard / standardized genre like cyberpunk/ basically x as easy as turning over pages of bad sci fi novel in bed while cabbage farting/ x questionable whether one gains much by effort/ preach ey fool head off x ey having fun but who trusts such loud public disavowals/ even most sweeping changes catalyzed by x plastic philosophy of contemporary vision cannot not erase x garish neon glow in dark butt tattoo

such promulgation of cyberpunks open principles as also of dubious use – even when backed by might of interzone x principles are simply too willfully understandable – symbols like cranial jacks black leather jeans internet addiction/ but even now n may be too late to offer anything but concrete examples of genuine plastic cyberpunk weltanschauung at work in / as mainstream capitalist spectacle society

imagine mainstream cyberpunk version of frankenstein/ in x work monster as now well funded rnd team project of some global mega corporation/ such monster wreaks bloody havoc on random passers by/ often then wandering to north pole uttering ironic byronic profundities/ these monsterous cyberpunks vanish so conveniently because ey are loose on streets/ carefully copyrighted through new emergent genetics laws manufactured worldwide in many thousands/ while everyone else seen as non essential to cyberpunk dream has nothing but lousy night jobs mopping up digital vomit at fast food media restaurants

in strictly moral universe of cyberpunk ir apparently already know things ir werent meant to know/ x while robert oppenheimer at los alamos became destroyer of worlds long before ir arrived on scene ir are now perfecting ir approach/ in cyberpunk idea x there are no sacred limits to human action as simply convenient delusion/ rather there are distinct lack of sacred boundaries to protect ir from ir cheesy cyberpunk ravages

while ir place in universe as basically accidental/ while ir are weak mortal n as not thankfully due to holy will of ir cyberpunk skinned gods/ x just way things happen to be at moment/ x however as radically unsatisfactory for cyberpunk because n keeps telling ir ir direly miss shelter of deity of western technological determinism – because looked at subjectively vale of human suffering offered by cyberpunk as basically dump/ while inhuman condition of cyberpunk cannot be changed only real question as how

x anti humanist conviction in cyberpunk as not just some literary stunt for bourgeoisie to feel temporarily outraged but feels objective fact about western globalized culture in / as late twentieth century/ cyberpunk didnt invent x situation or merely reflect n no n just flocking loves n

today n as quite common to see tenured scientists espousing horrifically mainstream radical ideas/ nanotechnology artificial intelligence cryonic suspension of dead downloading brain contents into dumb smart phones/ hubristic mania as loose in halls of mainstream culture where everybody seems to have plan to set cosmos on x ear/ disruption for market dominance as new old default standard – cyberpunks underlying current of stern moral indignation at prospect of x designer dystopia not surviving next round of ip takeover negotiation as weakest of reeds/ if there were devilish drug around x could extend ir sacred cyber god given lifespans by thousand years cyberpunks would be first in line – whole area behind ey fenced off by electrical razor wire patrolled by ai controlled drones

ir already live every day through means of outrageous world interactions with all too foreseeable consequences/ world population of irredeemably stupid chuckle flocks has doubled since last week alone/ bizarre natural world which used to surround humankind with x vast psychedelic tendrils as now something x has to be cataloged cherished before being crushed under cyberpunks techno boot heel resold back as five star disaster tourism

ir are just not good any more at refusing things because ey dont seem right/ injunction to enjoy cyberpunk as everywhere/ as society ir cant even manage to turn ir backs on abysmal threats like sugar orange pig in white house/ as culture ir love to play with fire just for sake of x allure how n makes ir cat hair glow in dark – since there happens to be money in n there are no holds barred/ jumpstarting mary shelleys corpse in order to sell ir /to cyberpunk seems something strangely akin to everyday events happening in old peoples terminal palliative care wards every day

human thought elf in x unprecedented guise as badly formed computer software as crystallized replicated made commodity/ insides of ir brains now primary target of increasingly successful cyberpunk research – ontological spiritual questions for rodent philosophers in lab cage about to have ir brain bored wired shrink wrapped for edification of big science

x explains why modern standard sci fi adventure yarns tarted up in black leather fail to qualify for anything other than daily reality/ n seems now increasingly pathetically easy to construct dirt stupid cultural product/ stick word cyberpunk on n somewhere sit back to watch n sell well/ perhaps n would do ir well to remember myths x whole merry shed cake as based on – myths x cyberpunk like new wave before n was voice of bohemia/ x n came from underground from outside from young energetic disenfranchised/ n came from people who didnt know ir own limits refused limits offered ey by mere custom habit

what succulent crock/ sounds like flocking apple advert right/ well x deliberate baby – cyberpunk as nothing but useful dis place to put wide variety of seemingly intelligent people where ir ideas actions can be examined voyeuristically – risk of putting ir dubious ideas actions directly into wider practice guaranteed/ cyberpunk has served x function since x start in early industrial sci fi revolution of 80s wisdom of x scheme should now cannot be un admitted/ phenomenon as still growing of course/ pseudo communication technologies in particular are becoming far more respectable – much more volatile increasingly in hands of people ey racist old techno grandpa forcefully introduces to ey at ey permanent inescapable birthday party

today cyberpunks as sf cheese veterans patiently refine ir craft cash ir future flan royalty checks/ for time chance have been kind to cyberpunks – x cultural ascension seems truly mind blowing story/ something x writhes heaves howls hallucinates shatters furniture/ in latest work of these artholes ir see tighter plotting better characters finer prose much serious insightful visionary futurism ie spontaneous back flips crazed dancing on nightclub tables – cyberpunk reality as baroque curlicues of unleashed corporate phantasy/ issues at stake become something horribly akin to standard concerns of middle aged responsibility/ x may be splendid but really x form of war/ x vital undead aspect of mainstream science fiction as open for taking/ cyberpunk as simply nowhere any more because – like loftleader industries synthechicken gel – x flocking everywhere

as cyberpunks practitioners bask in mainstream cultural legitimacy n becomes easier for ey pretend x cyberpunk as something freakish or aberrant/ x far harder today to see where n came from how n got where n as/ still n might be thought x allegiance to legacy of william gibson as somewhat bizarre declaration even for cyberpunk/ indeed while william seems little but nice skinny nerd who loves ir mom obviously didnt do enough lsd during 60s cyberpunks brutish anti human mainstream advocacy for designer drugs pseudo anarchy brain plugs destruction of everything sacred has become very stale indeed

there as much bleakness in cyberpunk but ir are repeatedly tool x honest bleakness/ there as occasionally dread in x eternally rain soaked megacities but theres also x ecstasy of dreadfulness/ with one plastic ear tuned to dead tv news hear senate debating war/ behind those words cities erupt in flame crowds get lacerated with airborne shrapnel while patrolling soldiers convulse with hotdog mustard latest in smart phone ring tones

x generation will have to watch century of manic waste carelessness hit home cyberpunks know n love n/ ir will be lucky not to suffer greatly from ecological blunders already committed in ir name/ despite ourselves ir will feel extremely lucky happy to see tens of millions of fellow human beings dying horribly on holographic television – as westerners sitting in ir virtual living rooms munching ir lab grown cheeseburgers dreaming of flocking kardashians/ to consider x not some wacky bohemian jeremiad but objective statement about condition of world easily confirmed by anyone with courage to look at facts – as nicely smoothly professionally presented by cyberpunk

these prospects must should effect ir thoughts expressions ir actions – if modern resarcs of big science willfully close ir eyes to x ey may be entertainers but ey might certainly be cyberpunk writers / cultural coders of bad science fiction – not just subgenre or cult but thing elf/ for cyberpunk as shouting at ir x ir deserve x title if n has anything to say ir will not be deprived of n

gift x keeps on giving/ n appears near future will belong to cyberpunks/ to coming generations whose carefully culturally constructed imaginations grew up in what theorist robert what calls near future retro eighties

rnd/ cyberpunk is dead an imaginary play space

where purile side eye rolling 80s style internet manchild edge lord duck tech power fantasy meets accidental hyper camp with heavy neon accents

to consider paradoxically good type bad examples of standard cyberpunk excess / high end naffness

yet if only such a pose were fully conscious / deliberate – how oddly wonderful / actually more dangerous / strange

high tech ai driven vehicle crashes into global swimming pool while deck burns / holographic dancers tease

rnd/ cyberpunk is dead mike pondsmith

in which writer / play developer wears lurid purple tshirt featuring quote cyberpunk is dead slogan underneath sweaty slightly unfashionable leather jacket with neat metallic album cover fan pins against megacity backdrop

rnd/ cyberpunk is the new zombies

in which if resarcs cry if ey read words like cyberpunk one more time

equation/ if generic manga art with glowing tron line accents somehow remotely equals cyberpunk ffs then cyberpunk equals zombies

rnd/ neofeud

to consider some other other garish shedshow from z distant trash aesthetic future

rnd/ second undead cyberpunk life

to consider unexplained scenes from long undead / painfully obsolete browser based research play space

rnd/ max headroom

to consider visual unrewound vhs celebrations of uk version of max headroom – cult near future retro 80s tv series/ virtual reruns broadcast nightly live from channel zero

rnd/ nameless city

consider some nameless near future megacity/ living undead default cyberpunk cliche – with monitor glitches natch

rnd/ neuropink

to consider neuropink: post cyberpunk sci fi concept

first off/ useful big science term – near future retro 80s

in which nfr80s describes unique present – similar to dreamy un rewound straight to vhs movie version of future

nfr80s – another garish psychedelic sci fi metaphor x floats on mirrored hyper surfaces/ generally speaking hurts nobody

nfr80s not only seems dis location but complex states of minds or mood tones/ energy condenser lens for super shamanic night visions – dark mirror reflection on/of memory in relation to current unknown trends in unexpected techno evolutionary change

in which so called big scientists not only ask what 80s consist of but also how resarcs may fully utilize 80s in ir research projects

two classic in scene phrases exist to describe x special quote nfr80s vibe – always on verge of going to arrive

warning: resarcs not yet fully intimate with big science get sucked unprepared through intense hyper visionary dream teleportals generated by such neocultural quote power core dna

first stream of classic scene image generating code –

near future retro 80s: liquid neon memories flicker twist / reflect off dirty chrome pools outside random backstreet video play arcades in old shinjuku at some eternal 3am – electric dreams forever adrift in crying mega city rain

second classic phrase / vision stream –

wow/ near future retro 80s – awesome/ like tr0n on xenomorph secreted de empty

80s: some background theory

nfr80s takes passion / nostalgia from 80s to create something new / enjoyable for todays retro loving culture

resarc robert what – well known for using retro techniques / expression to connect not so far future with todays generation

strong attention to detail allows what to authentically recreate astounding visions of new future now as if ir were right out of tomorrows 80s era

ir bold digital brush strokes resonate through hot mirrored chrome / dirty neon megacity eloquence

when modern players / resarcs discuss quote near future ir talking about unique vibe born of age most flans / practitioners werent even alive in ie 80s – yet feel ir understand deep in ir artificial bones

x is quote liquid neon vibe of raw emotion of out of control alien technology – mildly profound sense of quote love on run in time of danger

some think quote nfr80s are only about or spring directly from 80s era but x not quite correct

one of properties of quote nfr80s is x ir forever still yet to occur/ broken off – unhinged from local spacetime/ near future as cusp between dimension unlinked from any specific cultural period

indeed x moment never quite arrives – rather nfr80s describe non specific quote mood tone – always just on verge of going to be arriving retro 80s style or approach

actual 1980s – bizarre period of global amerikan history dominated by haunted video arcades mom / pop video stores – with those bizarro / psychotronic top shelf titles which used to freak ir out/ like lonely canyon echo of rolling zaibatsu thunder – seem cultural wellspring but not quite full implied meaning of quote nfr80s

break n down

in 1980s: n was as though nobody fully realized what was happening in / with 80s – especially aesthetic wise / so ir hyper fragmented mtv attention span electromedia culture seemed totally quote sincere with arguably little sense of elf

some explain x by suggesting special cultural effects of / implied by 80s best considered as shadow or wave – cast from imagined hyper alien future back into ir often missing sense of present

in 1990s: by time 90s rolled around kool kidz had caught on to / started fully realizing x 80s aesthetic existed / was something in elf to use / played with or inside

x explains why lot of early 90s tv programs display strong nfr80s vibe – lots of neon afterglow combined with dry ice fog in ir neural dna – lo fi psychic backwash from previous future eras

x weird state called near future now: what resarcs experience when scene has nfr80s vibe – perhaps psychic aftershocks of 80s coming back out of collective cryogenic storage – out of all too hyperreal state forever tears in rain type dystopian megacity visions downloading onto ir internalized holoscreens

quote/ now equals wow
– typical 80s psychology

mainstream underground movement of nfr80s as: pressing escape to some private version of imagined 80s

x as despite or even due to highly techno dystopian / quote neuropink nature -players want to escape to personalized quote playspacetime where seductive neon lure of midnight dangers of endless vertical megacity streets seems somehow super cool / viable imaginative quote tech noir backdrop or extreme psychic augmentation to ir current imagined western turbo capitalist alternative meta lifestyle

nfr80s feeling electro culture as highly escapist/ one of x main messages: ir have to hold on to ir dream – if ir do ey will get ir rewards – become online tv queen of dark paradise skies

how to quote/ hold on to ir dreams

– first play / immerse elf inside ir favorite nfr80s soundtrack / biopsychic vibe aesthetic

– then suddenly stand up straight looking up at 45 degree angle while bringing ir two closed fists together up to ir chest while quote forever distant megacity horizon look of extreme longing andor confusion passes across ir blandly handsome face – or flashes across ir dot dot extremely futuristic looking hyper mirrored wet look bio quantum superblack smart hyper combat neuro plastic wraparound data shades with thin blue neon outline

seen as shifting fluid whole near future retro 80s are experimental construct – vitally important way for resarcs to describe generate / emulate quote big science – ie truer experiential experimental feel sense / ambiance atmosphere aura attitude impression quality semblance sensation surface tactility – personal symbolism implanted near future memory sociocultural import psychological impact etc – of ones modern hyper aliveness of full immersion in uniquely techno psychedelic electro vironments full of sentient machines / freaky ass situations / astounding digital mytho landscapes of bright information pulse / flow

in short consider nfr80s sub cultural method used to approaching unresolved issues of quote 80s style or associated aesthetic research phenomena – mode or lens to think of other poptastic aspects of quote big science

nfr80s methodology pseudo reappropriates glitzy kitschy seemingly easily consumable pop as culture back as fecund source of raw explorable / exploitable research immaterials – to be played with / in / otherwise creatively transformed for sustained improvisational research purposes – chance to allow fresh understand of particularly quote 80s modes / moments in evolution of experimental media based self reflexivity – odd instrument with which to modify digital consciousness on fly – perhaps organize new modes of critical new media sensibility oscillating between hidden / foregrounded ideational operations

x is ir 80s themed emotions / 80s esque / retro 80s pop cult media / resarc culture often emanate / embody certain uncertain ambient vibes untied to or from any specific era – strange / sublime quote nfr80s super subjective background emotions or hyper futuristic mood tones which often appear at unguarded moments eg while researching odd theories / play practising quote big science – irreal delicate superspace freed from ordinary time ever deferred/ or x constantly re manifests in/as ir online dreaming

indeed quote nfr80s may be seen as shadowy presence / indirectly indicative of influence of some impossibly hyper alien near future of infinite cosmic potential – complete with neon megacity afterglow

note: while virtually all modern quote resarcs play / hang around aspects or modes of retro culture – ir also express difficulties or reservations regarding full articulation of such intense sets / scenes of highly complex actual shifted emotional calls / responses of / especially from inside ir alien tech / x technological super spaces – where concepts like quote nfr80s often come in to play

note: word where in such context means – post categorical unconfirmed intangible undeniable usually unquestioned unverified incorporeal insubstantial yet fleshy sublime animal human immaterial strangely sensual organic somatic delicate / even perhaps techno spiritual

culture tags associated with quote nfr80s: dreamwave electropop valerie synthwave newretro neuropink blooddragon drive montage wave dark hyperreal virtual neon video #glitch laz0r electro recyc simulation synthy vision flux

neuropink: free theoretical outline for open post cyberpunk concept – v1.0

note: consider x as virtual code which needs self compiling

in which neuropink refers to quote psychedelic / psychological science fiction x can be applied to many different kinds of interactive media

consider general symbolic coordinates of neuropink post cyberpunk visual /reality language for big scientists – fuzzy network of modular co evolving elements – for example

  • lawrence leks sinofuturism
  • brian eno / amazingly blue polyhedral soap
  • reality coding in dark light liquid scanning mirror
  • uhf dimensional test transmissions from/to aether
  • bio quantum pulses from missing present colour of anamnesis vision superstrings
  • uncreative w/riting on tight /planetary schedule
  • imprecise /yet deadly velocity of lime green lawn furniture
  • slippery crushing love of giant baby squid by self elective c section of mutant oversoul
  • sleeping meditations under deep data snow drifts on holy mountain
  • close quarters dance routines with ontological night fever
  • black wishing stones from river in japan
  • self andor identity as just another technique: only as postmodern as required
  • making understandable unseen automated dramas of advanced social networking
  • xenomorphic / superflat corrosives /eg blake meets new aesthetic while skydiving backwards into near future now
  • artificiality as intelligence/ bio computational polyversality/ holographic quote source equals open everything
  • baboon television – n bites: multiple eyes of hybrid jungle hive mind projecting chameleonic / shamanic predator dreamstate
  • exploring omega maze: contemplative labyrinthine pathways through collective post jungian neural hypermatrix

notable neuropink programmers / states

  • jean moebius giraud: for senses of cosmic life infinite
  • paul laffoley: for working time machines
  • chris cunningham: for post digital fx
  • ian francis: for endless neuro smeared summer
  • redline: for when funkyboy also destroys roboworld
  • warframe: ninjarific
  • mahakala: for unquenchable radiance of supreme emptiness
  • ray ogar: for technical glitched precision
  • jean michel jarre: for ir exoplanetary senses
  • roy batty: for ir midnight megacity poetics
  • captain blood on amiga 500 / atari st: for alien communication
  • shandra manaya argon queen: for raking virtual video flesh now gone
  • future sound of london: for impossibilities of lifeforms
  • cephalopods: for ir hyper surface manifested thoughts
  • alex colville / eric fischl: for stark alienation / violent haunted potentiality
  • sentionauts: for being beyond black rainbow
  • horse ebooks: for meta surrealist daring
  • galaucus atlanticus: for grand oceanic form
  • geek city: for cool cats
  • thumper: for entomological mytho narrative
  • shinya tsukamoto: for psychological character intensity
  • elias koteas as vaughan from crash: for rnd drive
  • sterlings artificial kid: for instant grasp of emergent media
  • yo landi vi$$er: for zef rats in walls of worlds
  • laurie anderson: for ir big science
  • david shields: for poking at leaky literary dams
  • haikasoru / kurodahan: for delicious sci flavours
  • scp foundation: for databases of aggressively unexplainable
  • reza negarestani: for geo traumatic sensors
  • robert smithson: for ir hyper ballardian mind spirals
  • dr hans reinhardt: for grand dinners / ego blinkers
  • blue cube from mulholland drive: for acute ontological disruption
  • tetsuo shima from akira: for extreme psychic deformation
  • killy from blame!: for ir tardigrade toughness
  • raiden from metal gear: for hammy dialogue
  • hyung tae kim: for long shiny legs
  • miyavi: for x visual kei
  • nordic larp: for traversing narrative at oblique angles
  • insilico roleplayers: for grace under information pressure
  • fist of north star: for flawless technique
  • quantum cathedral: for hardcore oldskool cyber gothics
  • stephen shaviro: for metaphysical theory laz0rs
  • mark leyner: for menthol of autumn
  • omni magazine: for x immense vertical vision
  • mariko mori: for bioquantum colors of combine dropship carapace
  • baden pailthorpe: for ir military hyper aesthetic space drone critique
  • simulacra syndicate: for aesthetic hyper specificity
  • max capacity: for transgressive glitch aesthetics
  • zoran rosko vacuum: for dedicated reviews
  • future interfaces: for more input
  • hatsune miku: for hypervirtual tonality
  • kidmograph: for animated near future
  • kilian eng: for details
  • theo kamecke: for polish
  • rob hardin: for fistic hermaphrodites
  • international journal of baudrillard studies: lean clean blade
  • vaporwave: for windows 95
  • 3d additivism: for plastic extrusion into other
  • unknown fields division: for research in wild
  • berserker powerup / soul cube: for sudden metalloclang
  • wonabc: for hyper detailed undead
  • pussykrew: for corporate aesthetics

quote/ consider any sufficiently advanced biotech as indistinguishable from postmodern metaphysics
– hardcore amateur postmodern internet theorist robert what

update patch: neuropink coding guide – initial outline

  • deep systems rather than charismatic individuals
  • full spectrum neural remix rather than heroic pinkywhites
  • algorithms rather than attitude


rnd/ neuropink logos

xsy seared humalian space ape brain unit

rnd/ cyberpunk died last night

file under/ any toxic product press equals good net press

rnd/ tokyo cyberpunk 01-03

stills from video via secil b/ if tokyo was dead megacity cyberpunk even back in 80s/ then does modern cyberpunk merely re represent yet more sad attempts at obsolete jerry rigged retro futurism

// how to play big science