Boring Social Media themed art study

Possible social media themed art study based around vague ideas concerning terminally dull media representation something something

rnd/ amazon reviewer

to imagine typical amazon reviewer / ir possibly interesting product list

rnd/ unremarkable image

seemingly simply no more or less than precisely x

example artistic statement via theoist robert what: straight from hideousness of mundane everyday existence: unremarkable image via semi undecidedly non professionals

bland juxtapositions half set against drab modern palette: tools of postmodern hyper war / digital typography architectural shadows / rendering glitches – unstated ideology however that such images somehow quote no more or less than ir appear eg unremarkable – when in fact n might simply be far less than x

false promises / deep time – all that does not glitter still might not be golden

rnd/ crayzay rich brats online

via/ some foul instagram munt

rnd/ does sky exist

good question

rnd/ edt

consider existential depression test results

rnd/ message wall

modern media collage

rnd/ ey answer to solving media

sounds like double dutch

// how to play big science