Everything Changed When Videogames Won The Reality War

Everything changed when videogames won the Reality War

Here, on the dark neon energy cusp of the Near Future Retro 80s, pretend to consider Big Science – absurdist, imaginary states of (mostly conscious) emergent play – virtual ARG (alternative to reality) simulations running parallel to the modern mandatory interactive spectacle / simulacrum of Global Turbo Hyper Capitalism

The largest Mainstream Underground supercult of Big Science researchers exists Online; here random fellow player Robert What roleplays 24/7 as a Hardcore Postmodern Internet Theorist for hire

Robert What, Example Hardcore Amateur Postmodern Internet Theorist

Perhaps the first celebrity face of the Black Stack, Rob seeks to chronicle our strange arbitrary adventures in Big Science, showcasing Conceptual New Media Art and Post Cyberpunk Blockchain .Xsy Fi (aka Neuropink / Alien Fiction)

All such transformative open source fanwork playbor releases to this B.S Culture-as-Game Scenius for purposes of historical archiving, philosophical critique andor social satire

No Copyright – No License – Maximum Fun

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// In order to bypass neural market interference, this thought experiment is transmitting to you, Player Zero, live from Big Scientist RND Zaibatsu (Tech Noir Shadow Hypercorporation) research space via Direct Biopsychic P2P; awake into dream