Email to Infra Mod game developers

Email to the indie game developer of Infra mod (edited):

Hi, this is Researcher Rob from robertwhat – just dropping by to say I dig your mod’s slick, professional look

As it looks right now however, I feel it might suffer from the same problems as Estranged mod

I think you need do something stronger with the story – the mechanics, level design or the degree and type of interactivity with the world. Otherwise it might only end up mildly interesting – just like Estranged

Mods with nice looking levels are often still dead, static places – even sticking action film music on top often does little but mask player’s feelings of ‘move on: nothing much to do here’

Storytelling (if any) could be done (played better) through the mechanics of interaction; otherwise the game is just a bland slide show – a series of dull cubes, connected with samey looking corridors

Consider how the meaning of a game is expressed via the fascinating “Mr. Whirly” from Research and Development mod

Infra Game Premise

Here’s your original game premise, tweaked so it’s stronger and snappier:

“INFRA puts you in the unsuspecting shoes of a Jim, a meek Structural Analyst and desk jockey. Assigned to survey structural damage for a living, your mundane job soon turns into a fight for survival

A society obsessed with cutting corners to increase profits has brought a disaster upon itself, and it’s your job to restore it

Your tools are the camera around your neck, and the wits to navigate a dangerous labyrinth

Will you finish your duty? Will you ignore all cries for help and seek to preserve your own life?

INFRA is an exploration game. You’ll need skill and cunning in a detailed, dangerous world. As you travel through the dark infrastructure of your city, your actions and keen observations will determine who lives”

Good luck with the project!

Sincerely, Rob H. Dylan

= = =

Update Patch One

It seems the team has taken on these suggestions, updated their story premise, have started an Indiegogo campaign and have a cool new trailer

Their Indiegogo page features some distinctly odd phrasing however:

As a team and company we believe in values of profundity, aestheticity, fairness, and democracy. The first two values define our approach to game development, while the latter two define our approach to the player community

How does this precisely help backers know more about your game or your company?

Meet Oskari Samiola – the founder of Loiste:

“He is a true force of nature, with sharp vision, a sense of mission and an urge to make things happen.” —prof. Iiro Jussila, chairman of the board

Priceless. You can’t beat lines like that. Nor apparently can you make them up, because these are direct quotes

I grew up playing strategy and simulation games. I always wanted to make something of my own, even on my first own computer and the first game I played on it. The first thing I did in the game was to go to the level editor and create a unique level and played that instead of the premade levels. Eventually this desire turned into an active modding hobby

Even on your first computer and the first game you played on it? Now *that’s* dedication. Makes me want to give you money toward Infra. Also dig how it’s a matter of.. Desire

Even today I like in games is the possibility to create something your own or to embed yourself in a deep complex world with nearly unlimited places and stories to discover. INFRA goes more into the latter category… I’m also inspired by things and spaces that others might not appreciate. In every creative/simulation game I always seek the most extreme, mountainous or otherwise nearly “impossible” terrain to build, for me “flat” is a curse word.

Either something’s being lost in translation, or “Loiste Interactive” is currently running some slightly bizarre software models about modern game marketing in their heads. For I too know no boundaries, and am a man of impossible adventure for whom the term “the very idea of humble indie game development” is a curse and a challenge!

As people around me very well know, my wildest dream is to settle Antarctica (and then space) and to turn it into prosperous forward thinking society. But I guess the closest to that what I could achieve is to turn that vision into a game. This is in fact how the idea of INFRA was born. I came up with it after watching “Crumbling America” documentary. I realized I was asking myself “could this be turned into a game?” Soon after that I pitched the idea for my friends in the modding community and we set up small team to make it reality

WTS. You know you’re already deep into an alternate reality when My Wild Dream paragraphs like that pop up on screen

Jukka Koskelainenis a creative level-architect with an eye for details. He is a perfectionist – there is nothing that can slip through on his watch

I bet

Mikko Viitajais the master of level design. He is extremely creative and gives impressive finishing touches. Like a silent assassin he eliminates problems in no time

A ‘silent problem assassin’, huh?

Aleksi Juvani is our cunning self-taught programmer. He is a true engineer soul, who is thinking all the time

Thinking all the time must sure come in useful

Riku Vauhkonen makes characters and other 3D models for the game. He sits in his own corner at the office. Nobody knows how he works, but things get done on a high level

Not quite as high as you’d need to be to write awesome stuff like this on your Indiegogo page. They should simply have used the info on their concise Press Kit. In contrast however, another day at Loiste Interactive sounds comparatively ordinary and even slightly dull:

Update Patch Two

Robert what explores Infra’s mundane corporate work space