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You could spend an entire week reading RW’s website. Perhaps you should.
– Matteo Bittanti, Gamescenes

Fascinating, rambling, deranged
– Reddit

Welcome, fellow shut-ins. This is the website of Robert What – fictional ‘Freelance Amateur Postmodern Internet Theorist’. A skint, unemployable non philosopher, non writer and non conceptual / performance artist, consider this Rob’s vaguely artistic escape attempt from the super mundane – from the terminal boredom and existential depression of everyday life on backwater Brexit island ‘Endland’.

Along the way, he’s witnessed the emergence of what he terms “Big Science” – a ‘strange imaginary game you pretend to play’: “Set in the dark, neon tinged ‘near future retro 80s’ hyperreality of late stage global Videogame Capitalism (aka Ludocapitalism) you are a brilliant, troubled research scientist, recently hired by a mythical near future hyper-corporation to work on ‘advanced R&D projects’ with cosmic scale implications.” Ideal for zero to infinity players, ages 18-80 only.

There are many ways to play ‘Big Science’: this site showcases Rob’s particular take, expressed via an absurdist, satirical playthrough – through worldbuilding and bricolage; basic remixes and mashups of interesting digital artifacts found online. These images and post Cyberpunk ‘theory-fiction’ fragments are a record of his odd minor adventures and discoveries within The Game.

So how do you play B.S?

Theorist Robert What

If you find all this of interest and would like to say Hi, or would like to collaborate with / hire Rob for his style, approach and-or mind: simply contact bob at robertwhat dot com today. Politeness & intelligence reciprocated. Please expect two to three working days for business replies.

Robert’s plan is to pay off his student debts, buy a well insulated house, fully retreat into “Big Science” and eventually help fellow ‘Researchers’ – forming a cool Alternative Artist Collective where they can play in an atmosphere of intellectual and artistic freedom and interdisciplinary cultural exchange, without interruption in a supportive environment.

In the meantime, Robert must unfortunately Earn A Living™. This fact is treated as inseparable from his daily Digital Labor Practice or ‘Art (as) Work’. Please note everything on this site is free, as in Beer & Freedom – “Zero Copyright, No License, Maximum R&D” – and exists for the purposes of philosophical critique, and sociopolitical commentary, satire and parody.

Site currently under extensive editing.

I am Diogenes the Dog. I nuzzle the kind, bark at the greedy and bite scoundrels.
– Diogenes of Sinope

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