Game Photography: The Haunted Virtual Space of Insurgency

The question of whether to “celebrate the postmodern culture of the simulacrum as an anticipation of the utopian wish for a purely aesthetic existence . . . or, on the contrary, denounce it as an invitation to nihilism, where a vestigial or posthistorical humanity is condemned as the mere shadow of the superior images it contemplates” [..]
~ Phantom Communities: The Simulacrum and the Limits of Postmodernism

Some game photography trying to capture and express the somehow slightly haunted virtual space of Insurgency by New World Interactive

Game Photography: Call Of Duty iii considered as a Designer Drug

Some game photography – in which the slick, brightly coloured surfaces and bizarre postmodern narrative of Call Of Duty (Black Ops) are considered as / skillfully street manufactured into a post cyberpunk designer drug direct from the near future now

Digitally Retouched screenshots via Steam community (1920×1080 .png):

I mean, it must be a drug, right? That is, Activision must be kite high on crack suppositories andor “Going back to the roots of the franchise™” if it thinks I’m going to pay £623.43 for the copypasta privilege

1920×2462, 2.4MB .png:

CODBLOPS: "Going Back To The Roots Of The Franchise"
CODBLOPS: “Going Back To The Roots Of The Franchise”