Hi! I’m a skint, UK based amateur philosopher, forced by economic circumstance into roleplaying a postmodern internet ‘Theorist-For-Hire’ called Robert What

This site showcases my Research & Development of strange imaginary play state “Big Science“, and is a light-hearted record of my adventures (with)in global hyperreal videogame capitalism

Theorist-For-Hire Robert What

Basically, I help construct bad ‘conceptual new media art‘ with a post cyberpunk twist – but due to a lack of talent, real opportunities for self promotion, no gallery representation and exploitative labor practices currently don’t make any money via art

Browse the site, ponder the ideas and feel free to share interesting, well considered thoughts arising

I’ll soon put up a link to my Patreon page, so if you dig the vibe, please spread the word on social media; all donations highly appreciated

Sincerely, Robert What